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Why you’re stupid if you don’t use Safari on your MacBook

We’ve seen before that changing from Chrome to Safari can make a big difference on your Mac’s battery life. But if you haven’t switched from Chrome or Firefox to Safari yet, this fact might change your mind: if you’re a MacBook user, you’re losing an average of 1 hour of total battery life by using […][Read More…]

Want Prince? You’re not getting it from Apple Music — just Tidal

If you were hoping to listen to Prince on Apple Music, thinking that the purple-clad passionate one’s music would be on the service like many other exclusives on Apple’s new streaming service, you’re out of luck. The artist currently known…Read more ›

Colorblind? This iPhone app tells you what color you’re looking at

Color blindness is an extremely prevalent disability, especially amongst men: according to official statistics, 1 in 12 men are color blind (although women fare better, at a rate of only 1 in 200). These rates of color blindness are part…Read more ›

Good heavens R2! You’re flying!

Luke Skywalker does his best flying with R2-D2. Now customers of Japan’s All Nippon Airways can fly with the beloved Star Wars droid, thankfully without taking fire from Imperial tie fighters. On the same day as the second trailer for…Read more ›

Why you’re seeing weird alien emojis everywhere

Apple released big updates to iOS and OS X today, and among the changes is a whole lot of new emojis. There are over 300 emojis added by Apple as part of an update to the Unicode standard, and most…Read more ›

Nintendo will release an iPhone app — just not the one you’re hoping for

For a brand that made all our dreams come true as kids, Nintendo sure seems content to play the Bowser-style troll these days. First of all, the company announced that it is finally embracing YouTube videos featuring game footage; only…Read more ›

This app will tell you if you’re going to die in a plane crash

Sometimes it seems like there have been a lot of plane crashes lately. Between Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/a>, and Transasia Airways Flight 235, it sometimes feels like there’s never been a worse time to fly. Of…Read more ›

How to Detach a Phone Number from iMessage if You’re Switching Away from iPhone

If you have ever switched from an iPhone to an Android or Windows phone, either temporarily, out of necessity, or for testing purposes, you may have noticed that a new phone will sometimes not receive inbound messages that have been sent from other iPhone users. Well, you probably didn’t notice it because you didn’t get … Read More

7th heaven: iPhone 7 concept is everything you’re wishing for

  Four months down the line, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus still feel like new devices, but that’s not stopping enthusiastic, design-minded techies from creating concept showing how they hope Apple’s next generation iPhone will look. This concept, created…Read more ›

Gymwatch tells you if you’re even lifting right, bro

Hitting the gym with my girlfriend is an embarrassing affair. Not because she lifts almost as much as me, but because she’s so much better at it, with the all the right form and stuff. “Move your knees farther apart.…Read more ›