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HumanScale’s HealthKit desk tells you when you’re being lazy at work

LAS VEGAS — I’ve had a standing desk for two years now, and while it’s practically the greatest piece of furniture to ever enter my life, I somehow forget to actually stand at it while working. Humanscale is all too…Read more ›

15 movies you’re going to want to watch in 2015

2014 was a great year for movies, but — if anything — 2015 looks to be even better. If you’re fretting over which films to build your year around, look no further: Cult of Mac has you covered. From sci-fi…Read more ›

This app uses iOS 8 HealthKit to tell you when you’re going to die

HealthKit’s supposed to make it easier to stay healthy. This app doesn’t care about your health. It wants you to die, and it’s going to tell you exactly when that will happen. The app is called Deadline, and it’s not…Read more ›

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this insane OK Go video

Indie rock band OK Go has a reputation for doing wild and crazy one-shot videos for it’s new releases, and today’s reveal on NBC’s Today show is no exception. Check out this insane short film where the band performs its…Read more ›

Facebook’s Safety Check feature lets friends know you’re okay during a natural disaster

Designed to help friends and family check on their nearest and dearest during natural disasters, Facebook is introducing a new Safety Check feature for its mobile app. The tool works by sending a push notification to devices that are near…Read more ›

Tim Cook says Apple tries to not collect data: “You’re not our product”

The second part of Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose is scheduled to air tonight on PBS, and as a teaser for the show has released a short video of Tim Cook explaining Apple’s stance on user privacy and company transparency…Read more ›

With Mikey Boots, you’re one tap away from platforming fun

Mikey Boots is out now for your iPhone and iPad, and it’s a rarity: a full-price iOS game without any in-app purchases or any ads. It’s a model that’s served developers Mike Meade and Mike Gaughen well with their previous…Read more ›

You’re probably not cool enough to use Facebook’s new iOS app

Facebook’s ‘make a bunch of apps and see which ones stick’ strategy for mobile has unleashed a new app for the iPhone this morning, and it’s supposed to make interacting with famous people on Mark Zuckerburg’s social network easier than ever, but you’re probably…Read more ›

Siri might ditch Nuance so it can finally understand what you’re saying

For many people, Siri has been more of a nuisance than an empowering personal assistant since debuting on the iPhone 4s in 2011. Sure, she’s received some upgrades and is getting even more in iOS 8, but fancy new features mean nothing…Read more ›

Use Fake Progress Bars to Pretend You’re Really Busy with the Stupid Corporate Avoidance Mac App

Want a fun way to kill some time on Friday? Get your best “Sorry boss, can’t do it, just too busy right now!” ready and try out Corporate Avoidance, an amusingly named Mac app that draws fake rendering progress bars across fake renditions of popular film, video, and audio production apps, giving the illusion that … Read More [Read More…]