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Use Fake Progress Bars to Pretend You’re Really Busy with the Stupid Corporate Avoidance Mac App

Want a fun way to kill some time on Friday? Get your best “Sorry boss, can’t do it, just too busy right now!” ready and try out Corporate Avoidance, an amusingly named Mac app that draws fake rendering progress bars across fake renditions of popular film, video, and audio production apps, giving the illusion that … Read More

Stop what you’re doing and play these iOS games now

Mobile gaming is an ephemeral thing. The unending stream of iOS games runs too fast and too fat for any individual to figure out which ones are worthy of your time and/or money. Freemium games? Check. Casual games? Sure. Hardcore…Read more ›

Star Wars Pinball: These are the tables you’re looking for

Okay, so pinball maybe isn’t the first thing you think of when hear the two words Star Wars, but this actually looks pretty great. Developers Zen Studios are veritable Jedi masters at bringing out both the video game quality you…Read more ›

RIP, iPhone 5c: You’re A Flop [Chart]

If you love the iPhone 5c, here’s a painful chart, courtesy of analytics plaform Mixpanel: growth of the iPhone 5c is pretty much stagnant at just around 6% (roughly where it’s been since Christmas), even as the iPhone 5s has…Read more ›    

Kanye West Tells Tim Cook To ‘Quit Trying To Act Like You’re Dumb’ [Video]

Successor to Steve Jobs, BFF of Steve Wozniak, and all-around “creative genius” Kanye West had some harsh words for Tim Cook over the weekend. Speaking/singing on stage at a Saturday night show in Newark, NJ, West blasted the Apple CEO…Read more ›    

‘Metascore’ Offers A Vague Idea Of What You’re About To See

Metascore — Entertainment — Free An official Metacritic app exists, but it’s pretty basic; it only shows you new movies. Metascore is also basic, but in a completely different way. It allows you to look up the Metacritic aggregate number…Read more ›    

You Mean I Shouldn’t Be Taking Two-Hour Naps Every Day? You’re Crazy, ‘Best Sleep Hygiene’

Best Sleep Hygiene — Health & Fitness — Free Alright, so “sleep hygiene” is kind of a weird way of describing one’s sleeping habits, but this is a pretty useful app, regardless. It starts out with a questionnaire that asks…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Atomic+: You’re A Dot Picking Up Squares And Avoiding Other Dots. And It’s Fun. [Review]

Okay, so you’ve mastered Super Crate Box, and you’re so good at Super Hexagon that you can’t play it anymore without yawning. And maybe you’ve also bested a Sasquatch at arm-wrestling, and you’re the King of the Oompa-Loompas because those…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Want To Feel Like You’re Not Baking Hard Enough? Check Out These ‘Cake Ideas’

Cake Ideas — Food & Drink — Free Sometimes the name of an app is a woeful understatement. Cake Ideas doesn’t contain “ideas” so much as the most complicated baking projects I’ve ever seen. Some of the recipes contained within…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Official 100 Pushups App Has A Schedule, And You’re Sticking To It

Official 100 Pushups — Health & Fitness — Free Recently, I realized that I didn’t even want to look at myself without a shirt on. So I downloaded the new official 100 Pushups app, and it claims it can do…Read more ›    [Read More…]