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If You’re Too Broke To Buy The iPhone 5 You Can Get This Fake One For $5

Upgrading to a new iPhone every year is expensive, and it’s silly to do it just so you have the latest and greatest iPhone when your iPhone 4S still works really well.

If you can’t wait, but don’t have the money and want to walk around pretending that Tim Cook personally sent you an iPhone 5 before it came out, then you can spend $ 5 and buy one of these  [Read More…]

Startup Aims To Make Advanced Security Seamless By Using Your Location To Verify You’re You

Toopher aims to use your location as a second way to verify you’re you that goes beyond a username and password.

When Dropbox acknowledged its recent data breach last week, the company noted that it will be adding a range of security solutions in an effort prevent such a breach from occurring again. One of the technologies that Dropbox plans to implement is two factor authentication, which requires another identifying item beyond  [Read More…]

In iOS 6, The Status Bar Changes Color To Match The App You’re Running

Status bars are all kinds of colors in iOS 6.

We’ve already shown you a whole host of new iOS 6 features that Apple didn’t get time to mention during its WWDC keynote yesterday, and here’s another one. In fact, this is probably one of the coolest in the bunch. Notice how the status bar above certain stock apps — like Settings or Mail — is now blue? Well, that  [Read More…]

Microsoft: If You’re Using OnLive Desktop, You’re A Pirate

Earlier this year, OnLive debuted its OnLine Desktop app for the iPad. The app offers users a virtual desktop environment that includes Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and Internet Explorer (which allows iPad users to watch Flash-based web content). The service comes in both free and paid versions that include 2GB of cloud storage and OnLive plans to expand the service with more advanced plans for both end users  [Read More…]

[How To] Tired of App Store Applications Being Mean to You Because You’re Jailbroken?

xCon is your one-stop-shop for ending the App Store application bullies. There have been numerous App Store applications that can detect that an iDevice has been jailbroken. To name a few: Bloomberg Anywhere,Cablevision, Cisco M-Learning, DirecTV Pad, Grimm’s Fairy Tale apps, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon OnDemand/FlexView. All of these applications will give you a hard time when you attempt to open them on a jailbroken iDevice. They will give you errors and they won’t work. They are specifically programmed to  [Read More…]

iSpy Software Can Read the Text Message You’re Typing From 200ft Away

Thought the only person who could read your text was the creep looking over your shoulder on the subway? Think again. A little program called iSpy can read what’s being typed on a smartphone from nearly 200ft away. Created by Jan-Michael Frahm and Fabian Monrose from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the software is able to distinguish the letters being typed on a smartphone from about 200ft using HD footage captured from a DSLR. Using footage off  [Read More…]