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YouTube’s new streaming service charges iOS users an Apple tax

Google revealed that it’s getting into the subscription video streaming service game today with the introduction of YouTube Red. The new $ 9.99 per month service will give customers ad-free access to all of YouTube’s content, but the company plans to charge customers extra if they sign up through iOS. To compensate for the App Store’s […]

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YouTube’s tech assassin has Apple Watch in his sights

Richard Ryan is friendly and easy-going — even when he’s behind a 50-caliber rifle, violently shredding an iPhone, iPad or, this week, the new Apple Watch. Every neighborhood had that one kid who liked to build a model only to…

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How video upstarts can thrive in YouTube’s shadow

When I wanted to learn how to knit, I went to YouTube. Anytime I need to learn a guitar solo for a cover song my band is working on, I head to YouTube. I’m not alone in my use of…

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iTunes Feeds Content to YouTube’s New Artist ‘Merch Store’

A lot of buzz is being generated by YouTube’s freshly announced “Merch Store.” And Apple is sharing in some of the hype.

On Sunday, Christian Weitenberner, Senior Technical Account Manager at YouTube, touted the new online merchandise hub in an official blog post for the Google-owned video-sharing platform. According to Weitenberner, the Merch Store allows musicians to sell digital downloads of their tunes, in addition to concert tickets or other branded merchandise.

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