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Two Neat New Backlit iPad Mini Keyboard Cases From Zagg

Two new iPad mini keyboard cases from Zagg today: A super-thin magnetic cover and a thicker stick-on “folio” case, similar to the Pro Plus case for the regular-sized iPad only with a top cover too. And both, amazingly, are backlit. For me, it’s a shootout between Zagg and Logitech when it comes to choosing the best iPad keyboards. I remain unconvinced by either of their offerings for the iPad mini, though, as they’re just  [Read More…]

ZAGG ProPlus Backlit Keyboard Is Fantastic — For The iPad 2 [Review]

The short form: Zagg’s Pro Plus has got to be the best compact iPad keyboard I have used (and I have used a lot). It is also backlit, incredibly light and doubles as an iPad case.

But it has one fatal flaw – your iPad 3 or later will probably fall out.

First up, the description. The Zagg is an aluminum tray the same size and shape as the iPad, and when you put them face  [Read More…]

Zagg Already Offering Not One, But Two iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Cases

The Zaggkeys Mini 7, one of two new keyboard cases from Zagg for the iPad Mini.

That’s pretty darn fast: Keyboard-maker Zagg has unveiled two new keyboard cases for the iPad Mini, just a day after Apple pulled the sheet off its new pint-sized iPad. There’s the Zaggkeys Mini 7, a pared-down seven-inch model that spans the width of the Mini, and the Zaggkeys Mini 9, a 9-inch version with a slightly  [Read More…]

Zagg Launches Backlit iPad Keyboard



Over at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin. Zagg has launched a couple of new iPad keyboards. And one of them, the Pro Plus, has something I have missed ever since I took to typing on my iPad in the corners of dark and seedy bars: a keyboard backlight.

Along with Apple and Logitech, Zagg makes the best iPad keyboards around. This one has the usual features: built-in rechargeable battery, magnet to  [Read More…]

ZAGG Discounts Its Awesome iOS Accessories By 20% To 50% For Memorial Day

Accessorize your iOS devices for less this Memorial Day.

Now that you�ve filled your device with bargain iOS games from those Memorial Day App Store sales, maybe it�s time to accessorize it, too. ZAGG, which makes some of the finest accessories for mobile devices, has discounted 20% off keyboards and cases, and 50% off almost everything else.Some of the highlights include the company�s famous invisibleSHIELD skins, its ZAGGfolio cases for the  [Read More…]

Is This The First iPhone 5 Unboxing Video? ZAGG Wants Us To Think So.

Let us answer our own headline: no, it jolly well isn�t. Rather, it�s a pretty self-evident, tongue-in-cheek fake put forward by case and skin makers ZAGG. How was it done? Well, you never actually get to see a good look at the iPhone 5?s supposedly bigger screen until the standard image at the end, so it looks like a custom box, an iPhone 3GS and a Photoshop to me.   [Read More…]