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Zagg’s Little Origin Speaker Docks With a Desktop Mothership [Mobile World Congress 2013]

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Zagg, who you surely know better for its excellent iPad keyboards, also makes a speaker. Or two speakers, to be precise. This is the Zagg Origin, and it consists of a pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker which docks into a desktop mothership.

The handy homunculus is Jamboxian in proportions, and does everything a modern portable BT speaker should. It pairs with  [Read More…]

Will Zagg’s iOS Game Pad Finally Provide A Standard?

The Caliber Advantage is yet another iOS gaming pad, but this one has one major advantage: It comes from Zagg, well-known accessory maker and purveyor of some of the finest iPad keyboards known to mankind.

Like almost all other gamepads, the Caliber connects via Bluetooth. It also offers an analog stick and a built-in lithium polymer battery. But the really neat part is the layout: the small, iPhone-sized package opens out to become a  [Read More…]