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Rebus Zone, Snapchat v2, and other awesome apps of the week

It’s another lazy Sunday, which means that it’s time to unwind in your favorite chair with a sampling of the week’s finest apps. And, boy, have we got a fine selection for you! Whether you’re after Nintendo’s first mobile title; a game which will keep your brain working as it entertains you; or a major update for […]

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Hubble finds football-shaped moons in the end zone of our solar system

Just because Pluto lost its planetary status doesn’t mean it’s any less interesting to astronomers. NASA on Wednesday reported two football-shaped moons that wobble so unpredictably that the sun could rise in a different direction every day from either of…Read more ›

Zone Out As You Lay Waste To Goblins In An Infinity Bravura Dash [Review]

An Infinity Bravura Dash – Knights of the King is a very long name for a straight forward side-scrolling shooter. In I Bravura (the app store title for the game) you play as one of three knights that fire endlessly…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Add Time Zone Support to Calendar for iOS

Calendar icon in iOS 7 Those who use Calendar for iOS and who also happen to travel between time zones may have noticed the events show based upon the iPhone or iPads current location rather than a defined time zone, this can cause some scheduled times to be off if you’re not expecting that behavior. The problem with that is pretty obvious for anyone who relies on Calendar for scheduling, but  [Read More…]

Landing Zone Dock Turns A MacBook Air Into A Mini Mac Pro [Review]

LZ_PRO2_4146-540x390Landing Zone byLanding Zone Category: MacBook Docks Works With:MacBook Air 13-inch Price: $200 My 13-inch MacBook Air is a fantastic portable computer – fast, light, crazy battery life and with a “bigger” screen than my old 13-inch aluminum MacBook[1]. But as a desktop computer it sucks: only two USB ports, no Ethernet, and a tiny […]

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Enable Time Zone Support in Calendar App for Mac OS X

Set the Time Zone for Calendar app in Mac OS X

The Calendar (once called iCal) app of Mac OS X has full support for Time Zones for the entire calendar, individual events, shared calendars, and even invitations, but it must be enabled separately within the preferences. If you rely on Calendar app for just about anything and travel or work across time zones with any regularity, this is a worthwhile  [Read More…]

Get Your Calendar Items To Show Their Time Zone In Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]

Time Zone Support Mavericks BetaCalendar, previously iCal, has had Time Zone support for a while now. The Mac I’m using that runs OS X Mountain Lion let’s my turn on Time Zone Support in the Advanced tab of the Calendar preferences, so I can be sure to be on time for meetings when I travel away from my current […]

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Things Gets 2.2 Update With Time Zone Support, Faster Cloud Sync, Tons Of Bug Fixes

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 5.13.21 PM

Cultured Code has updated its popular to-do app, Things, with several nice improvements and a lot of bug fixes. Moving in and out of different time zones no longer causes a task to show up on the incorrect day. General performance should be much faster for the Mac app in just about every way. Things Cloud Sync, a feature that was introduced last year, has also  [Read More…]

Sprint Reales Official Mobile App “Sprint Zone”

Sprint launched their official Sprint Zone mobile iPhone app today. The app allows Sprint iPhone owners to access and manage their accounts via a dedicated app like other carriers. The app includes news, access promotions, find a store locator as well as help functions including direct access to a care representative. Users can even monitor their iPhones performance. Sprint Zone isnt as feature filled as AT&Ts and Verizons alternatives, but both companies have had the  [Read More…]

Setting Time Zone Feature Claimed To Be Culprit For iPhone 4S Battery Draining Issues

If you are one of the many people that have upgraded to the iPhone 4S, you may have been experiencing some issues with your battery. Since the release of the iPhone 4S, many users have been complaining and trying to look for a way to resolve the issue while others have contemplated switching back to an older iOS device untilApple resolves the issue. It appears that a fix has been found though, all you have  [Read More…]