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Check Out This Super Convenient Zooming Gesture Google Invented


Using map apps on the iPhone can be a pain when you’re trying to zoom in to check out some specific detail of where you’re going.

Usually you have to use one hand to hold your iPhone and the other to pinch and zoom, but Google just made an awesome new zooming gesture that only requires one hand and one finger. 

Here’s how it works:

All you do is double tap the  [Read More…]

New KitCam Update Brings Photo Import, Improved Zooming And More

KitCam has quickly become one of my favorite photography apps for the iPhone — featuring in last week’s must-have apps roundup — and it has just been updated to add a number of handy features. In addition to photo importing from the camera roll, KitCam now has a time lapse timer, and better zoom functionality.

KitCam now allows you to import photos from your albums and camera roll, allowing you to take  [Read More…]

Turn iOS Maps into a Virtual Globe by Zooming Out

View Maps in Globe View

Sometimes looking at a flat map view just isn’t what you’re looking for, but with Apple Maps you can now view the entire world map as a nice round globe too. You’ll need to have Maps view set in either Hybrid or Satellite mode to be able to see the globe view, that can be done by tapping the page curl in the corner then selecting either one,  [Read More…]