If you’ve already updated to iOS 5, I’m sure one of the features you’re enjoying most is the new Notification Center. It’s a fantastic addition to iOS, and something we were begging for from Apple for some time. However, there are a number of ways in which Notification Center can be improved… and one of them is to install IntelliScreenX. Now, before we go any further, you must know that you need a jailbroken iPhone to install IntelliScreenX — this isn’t something you’ll find in the App Store, unfortunately. However, this tweak alone may be worth jailbreaking your device for. If you’ve used IntelliScreen from Intelliborn before, you’ll already be familiar with some of its features, but the latest release is designed to work alongside iOS 5?s built-in Notification Center and boasts some awesome new features. It starts by enhancing Apple’s new feature by making Notification Center accessible from the lock screen, and then allows you to access all sorts of extras such as third-party widgets, the ‘Quick Settings widget’, collapsable notifications, and additional pages for things like Twitter and Facebook streams, and your RSS feeds. Check out the video below that show IntelliScreenX in action to really get a feel for how awesome this tweak is. www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTGd_3CnMOE The latest release of IntelliScreen should hit the Cydia store sometime next week. Will you be looking forward to it? [via iDownloadBlog]

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