Mute icon in Mac OS X Anytime you take a screen shot in Mac OS X or empty the trash you hear a little sound effect that accompanies the action. With a screenshot it sounds like a camera shutter clicking, and with the Trash it kind of sounds like a bunch of papers being crumpled and dumped out.

Cute sound effects, and they certainly serve their purpose of alerting a user to the completion of the task at hand, but are they necessary? Whether or not you want the audio feedback is for you to decide, but you can easily turn turn off those Finder sound effects by toggling a setting:

  • Pull down the  Apple menu and open System Preferences, then click on “Sound”
  • Under the “Sound Effect” tab, uncheck the box next to “Play user interface sound effects”

Stop screen shot and empty trash sound effects in Mac OS X

You can confirm the changes have taken place by taking a screen shot, emptying the Trash, or performing any other Finder-level task that usually had audio feedback associated with it. Of course the actions still take place, there is just no longer sound effects associated with them. This also seems to mute the Notification Center sound effect if you’re tired of hearing that one too.

Muting system audio will also have the same effect, but that obviously mutes everything, and otherwise there is no way in the GUI to ditch the sound effects outside of the Preference toggle. Turning to the command line, however, does provide us with options for both dealing with Trash quietly and silently taking a screen shot.

You can also use the command line tool “screencapture” to silently take a screenshot:

screencapture -x quiet.jpg

The screencapture command has a lot of other uses as well, you can read more about it here.

Similarly, you can empty the Trash from the command line which also will not provide the audio feedback in the process:

rm ~/.Trash/*

Accompanying that trick with sudo or chflags will also forcibly empty the trash from the command line, again without audio, even in the most stubborn of situations.

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