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Jony Ive and Tony Fadell helped design this fancy $700 juicer

The iPod of juicers won’t be sold by Apple, but Jony Ive and former Apple exec Tony Fadell each helped design what could become the closest thing. Juicero, a startup backed by Campbell Soup and Google, is launching the world’s first cold-press juicing system today, that takes the hassle out of liquifying raw vegetables by […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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ICYMI: $700 billion and counting! Apple is world’s biggest company ever

Rob takes a look at the historic milestone Apple reached this past week when it closed it’s earnings at a record market capitalization: $ 700 billion, Buster lays on you twelve nuggets of business wisdom that Tim Cook revealed during the…Read more ›

$700 billion and counting! Apple is world’s biggest company ever

Boom! That’s the sound of AAPL stock hitting yet another all-time high Tuesday, making Apple the first $ 700 billion company in history. Microsoft made history in 2000 when it became the first company to close at $ 600 billion, so this…Read more ›

Apple reaches record $700 billion market cap

AAPL shares sure have experienced a crazy roller coaster ride this year. Splitting 7-to-1 earlier in 2014, a fantastic run of product launches and announcements since then has driven Apple stock higher and higher. Earlier this month we noted that Apple was now worth…Read more ›

Best Buy Slashes Up To $700 Off MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs In 2-Day Sale [Deals]


Best Buy has slashed $ 200 off all MacBook Air models and up to $ 700 off MacBook Pros for its two-day winter sale. You can now get Apple’s 11.6-inch ultraportable for just $ 799.99, while the discontinued 17-inch MacBook Pro has been reduced from $ 2,499 to $ 1,799.99. All machines come with free shipping, but these prices are only valid today and tomorrow.

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If You Want A New iPad, It’s Time To Sell Your Old One: iPad Resales Soar Over 700%

Apple announced two new iPads this week: the iPad mini and the updated fourth-gen Retina iPad. Both are going on sale November 2nd, and that means the value of your current iPad is dropping rapidly. Based on a new report, used iPad resales have increased over 700% since Apple’s event yesterday.

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Following Early Success Of iPhone 5, Apple Stock Hits Record High Of $700 Per Share

AAPL continues to rise into uncharted territory.

Apple stock has been climbing rapidly towards $ 700 per share since the iPhone 5 was announced Wednesday, September 12th. Now, less than a week after the announcement from Apple, AAPL has hit $ 700 in after hours trading, marking an all-time high.

Despite iPhone 5 naysayers, Apple remains the most valuable company in the world by a large margin.

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Save Over $700 In 11 Incredible Apps With MacUpdates December 2011 Bundle [Deals]

MacUpdate always knows how to throw a good bundle, and their Yuletime offering is no exception, offering 11 incredible apps for just $ 49.99, shaving nearly $ 700 off of their full retail value.   In any app bundle, a few pieces of software stand out from the rest of the crowd, and MacUpdates December 2011 bundle is no exception. Here are some of the  [Read More…]