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How to Enable Mail Drop on Non-iCloud Email Accounts in Mac OS

Many people may think of the Mail Drop feature as iCloud-only, but Mac users can enable the convenient Mail Drop feature for other non-iCloud email accounts that are setup in Mail for Mac OS. This allows you to use the excellent Mail Drop feature for sending and receiving large files with just about any email … Read More

List User Accounts on Mac from Command Line

Mac administrators may find themselves in a situation where they need to display a list of all user accounts on a particular Mac by way of the command line. We’ll review a few methods for advanced individuals to list all accounts, both user and system, on any Mac with any version of Mac OS X … Read More

Instagram update lets you seamlessly manage multiple accounts

Instagram is bringing a great new update to Android and iOS that allows users to seamlessly manage multiple accounts. The change means you’ll finally be able to access your personal and professional feeds — and the one dedicated to your cat — without having to log out and back in. Support for multiple accounts is now available in the […]

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Snapchat is starting to lock jailbreakers out of their accounts

Do you jailbreak? Might want to watch your Snapchatting, then. The video messaging is starting to lock out users who uses Snapchat-related jailbreak tweaks, hacking the core features of the service. The move was first noted by Jeff Benjamin over…Read more ›

Unicorns, horror and bikes: 8 Instagram accounts to follow right now

Instagram has become riddled with so many photos of kitty cats, inspirational sayings and kitty cats spouting inspirational sayings that it has become nearly impossible to find fun and interesting feeds to follow without spending hours staring at your iPhone.…Read more ›

Instagram makes it super easy to stalk your favorite accounts

Today Instagram quietly enabled a little option that makes it super easy to keep track of your favorite accounts. You can now enable push notifications for whenever a specific account posts a new photo. The timing of the new feature…Read more ›

Apple now accounts for 10% of Nasdaq’s index value

The Nasdaq has been flirting with busting past the 5000 mark for days now, but investors are blaming one stock on holding it back: AAPL. Apple shares have ballooned to their highest value ever over the past month. After weeks…Read more ›

Apple accounts for 93% of smartphone industry profits

Things couldn’t be going better for Apple on the iPhone front. The company just posted the most profitable quarter ever in the history of corporations thanks to strong iPhone sales. And according to the latest report from Cannacord, Apple is…Read more ›

Millions of Dropbox accounts allegedly compromised in massive hack

An anonymous party has allegedly hacked 6,937,081 Dropbox accounts and gained access to email addresses and passwords in plain text. Hundreds of account emails and passwords have been posted online as proof, with whoever is responsible claiming that more will…Read more ›

Scammer used closed accounts to spend thousands at Apple Stores

A Florida man has been charged with federal wire fraud for racking up $ 309,000 in illegal credit card transactions, with many of them carried out at Apple Stores. 52-year-old Sharron L. Parrish Jr. visited different Apple Stores – including those in Brandon, Boca Raton,…Read more ›