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Spice up your video project with now affordable Discovery footage

We love the science and nature documentaries on the Discovery Channel. Producers hire some of the world’s best filmmakers, sends them to remote and beautiful places on Earth where, in some cases, they risk their lives to get us the kind of footage that sates our curiosity. The work – from shots of erupting volcanos […]

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Affordable camera might bring virtual reality to the masses

Han Jin was looking through the eyes of the robot and could see the future. But the story doesn’t end well for the robot. Jin’s view, with his colleagues’ support, put robot building on hold. The team changed direction, using the robot’s seeing mechanism to develop a Virtual Reality camera that could be put in […]

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Affordable 3D printer could be the first one you own

3D-printer maker Qubea is seeking funds on Kickstarter for what may be the first (relatively) cost-friendly device on the market. The Rever will cost $ 399 when it launches next year, but early backers can grab on at a discount. “As a leading developer of 3D printers, we have seen products like ours put to use […]

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The first Lytro is still ahead of its time, and more affordable than ever [Deals]

Light-field photography has been around for a number of years now, but it’s still mind-blowing. By measuring the direction of all the light rays in an image space, it produces pictures that can be refocused and explored like a living moment, a paradigm shift that was marked by the introduction of the first Lytro camera. […]

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Nuyu is an affordable fitness tracker you can wear anywhere

Tracking your activity and fitness doesn’t have to be expensive. With Nuyu, you can keep an eye on how many steps you taken, the distance you’ve traveled, how many calories you’ve burned, and even how well you’re sleeping for under $ 50. The Nuyu Activity Tracker, from Health o Meter, does everything you would expect a decent […][Read More…]

5 affordable ways to give back-to-school an upgrade for 2015 [Deals]

School’s changed a lot in recent years, as technology keeps creeping into every aspect of learning along with our lives. Time to get with the times — whether it’s keeping your cash and cell phone in one place, getting a bag that can charge your devices while you walk, or a cyber-secured lock for your […][Read More…]

The reason for the season: affordable tech gifts for kids

Kids everywhere are looking to Santa to bring them the hottest tech toys around, including iPhones, iPads, Nintendo 3DSes and Sony PlayStations, but these types of gifts can certainly strain a lowly elf’s meager paycheck. If you’re looking for engaging…Read more ›

PhotoDirector 5 Ultra: The Affordable Alternative To Adobe Photoshop [Deals]

If you’ve been searching for a less expensive application that’s similar to Adobe Photoshop, then Cult of Mac Deals has found your match. PhotoDirector 5 Ultra combines all the features you need for photography in a single workflow—efficient photo management,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Twelve South Debuts New And Affordable GhostStand For All MacBook Models

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 12.01.18 AMTwelve South, the maker of the BookBook and other fine case and accessories, has debuted a versatile MacBook stand called the GhostStand. The transparent apparatus suspends any MacBook model, and the name implies that you’re not supposed to even know it’s there. The design is certainly striking. Each blade of the GhostStand is made of […]

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The Armpocket i30 Is An Affordable, Essential iPhone 5 Armband For Athletic Types [Review]

Arm Pocket i30 backThe problem with many armbands that I’ve used over the years is twofold. One, if the armband is too small, it only holds an iPhone without a case and nothing else. Too big and it’s unwieldy to use. Two, unless it’s cinched incredibly tight on a bicep, the weight of the phone tends to bounce […]

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