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Jon Snow and Agent Carter tag-team a romantic WWI drama

If you can’t get enough of Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter, played to perfection by Haley Atwell, or Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow, broodingly acted by Kit Harrington, here’s a new movie that stars both of them: Testament of Youth. It’s…Read more ›

The Walk Distracts You From Your Exercise With A Secret Agent Story

Are you tired of running from zombies, but looking for another way to distract yourself from boring yet obviously beneficial exercise? The Walk–developed jointly by the UK’s National Health Service and Department of Health–has you walking the length of the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Agent 47 On His Way To iOS For Turn-Based Hitman GO

The popular Hitman franchise will finally break away from consoles and make its way to iOS with a forthcoming game called Hitman GO. Created by the Square Enix MontrĂ©al team, Hitman GO features a turn-based gaming experience, set in the…Read more ›    

Change the Browser User Agent in Chrome, Safari, & Firefox

A web browsers user agent is how a website knows what type of computer, operating system, and browsing app you are using. Some sites serve different themes, CSS, content, or even different sites to different browsers and OS’s, and many developers often need to change their own user agent to be able to test these abilities and build these alternate sites. We’ll cover how to do this in popular modern web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Changing the User  [Read More…]

Image Agent Is A Smart Image Watermarker, With A Few Minor Drawbacks [Review]

A clean, simple image watermarking tool for OS X

Ever wanted a quick-and-easy way to slap a watermark on a digital photo, so that no pesky bloggers can claim it as their own without permission? Ever wanted to slap a watermark on dozens of photos at a time? Image Agent might help.

It’s a simple utility, one of those does-one-job-very-well apps. You’ll notice right from the start how clean and smart  [Read More…]

Spoof Your Own Mac OS X 10.8 User Agent

Disappointed that Mac OS X 10.8 users aren’t showing up in your web logs? Spoof your own visits! In the spirit of pranking and Halloween, here’s how you can mimic a Mac OS X 10.8 user agent yourself: Launch the Terminal Enter the following command, replacing “http://url.com” no the end with the web address you want to give the user agent to: curl -A “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8) AppleWebKit/535.6.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.2 Safari/535.6.2” http://url.com You won’t  [Read More…]