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Where is Android’s answer to iPhone SE?

Die-hard Android fans probably had little interest in Apple’s keynote Monday, but believe it or not, plenty will be interested in the new iPhone SE. With high-end specifications and a 4-inch display, it’s a compact smartphone for those who want the latest features without a supersized screen — and there’s nothing like it on Android. […]

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How to get Android’s app drawer on iOS

If you like Android’s app drawer, but prefer iOS’s apps, you’re just a jailbreak away from having it on your iPhone. It’s all thanks to a new jailbreak tweak for iOS, called AppDrawer, appropriately enough. Basically, it’s an infinite menu that sits in your iOS dock, and contains all of your installed apps in alphabetical, […]

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iPhone 6s can’t topple the latest Androids in expert camera tests

Apple’s new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus may be packing its best iSight camera yet, but it’s not good enough to topple the latest Android devices. In DxOMark’s expert camera tests, Apple’s latest smartphones achieve a score of 82, which is five points less than the current mobile leader, Sony’s Xperia Z5. That’s also one […]

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iOS 8 has 7x the adoption of Android’s Lollipop

Android’s Lollipop and iOS 8 were announced at virtually the exact same time, but iOS 8 is obliterating it in terms of user adoption. According to figures released by both Apple and Google, iOS 8 has 85 percent adoption among…Read more ›

How to share your Android’s data connection with a Mac over USB

Apple makes it easy for iPhone users to share their data with their Mac, but it’s not quite as simple for those of us with an Android. Thankfully, there’s now a handy third-party Mac hack called HoRNDIS that makes it incredibly…Read more ›

Android’s fragmented hell stew is only getting worse for app makers

Now that Samsung is pretty much the only Android handset manufacturer making any money, you’d think that Android’s fragmentation problem would start to get better, but the latest Android fragmentation report from OpenSignal reveals the madness of developing for multiple…Read more ›

Apple Tries To Patent Android’s Gestural Unlocking System

One of Apple’s most famous patents is slide-to-unlock, a method of waking up a touchscreen smartphone that has proven to be one of the most valuable in Apple’s arsenal. Now, Apple is trying to patent a similar system that would…Read more ›

iOS Figures Dwarf Android’s When It Comes To Christmas-Time Shopping

One of the big problems with focusing on a broad metric like mobile platform market share is that it ignores some of the more important (and complex) questions about how these platforms are actually used. For example, which customers are…Read more ›    [Read More…]

iOS Kicks Android’s Shiny Metal Ass When It Comes To Mobile Shopping

According to a new report from IBM, the greed consumer-driven shop-fest known as Black Friday. The report shows a new high for online sales for this 2013 reporting period, as well as a soaring rate of mobile shopping, in which…Read more ›    [Read More…]

It’s Official: Smartphones Finally Outsell Dumbphones, And Android’s Responsible

LG-Optimus-F3-9It had to happen eventually, but now that it has, it feels weird: smartphones are now officially outselling dumb feature phones internationally for the first time ever. And what made it happen? Cheap Android phones. Gartner has just put out its latest smartphone market report, and in Q2 2013, smartphone sales worldwide were up 46.5% […]

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