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How to Disable Red Badge Circle on System Preferences in MacOS

System Preferences in MacOS shows a red badge circle icon when there is an available software update for the Mac. This can be helpful for users who want to be notified of software updates, but it can be annoying to other Mac users who are specifically avoiding a particular software update. For example, many Mac … Read More

Get Rid Of Those Badge Numbers On Your Home Screen [iOS Tips]

Sure, it’s nice to know that you have a bunch of unread email messages, and we all get that apps want to notify us when there’s something new going on there. It’s crowded on that home screen. But after a…Read more ›

Disable the Red Badge Alerts on Dock Icons in Mac OS X

Red icon alert badge on a Dock icon of OS X The little red badges that appear on app icons stored in the OS X Dock are intended to provide a quick alert and overview of some important notification pertaining to the respective app. Whether it’s the new unread email count, new iMessages, a Calendar event, unfinished Reminders, missed FaceTime calls, or any other number of alerts, the red app badge  [Read More…]

U.K. Children’s Show Awards Jony Ive Prestigious “Blue Peter” Badge [Video]


Jony Ive has received a whole host of awards for his design efforts at Apple, but as a life-long fan of children’s TV show Blue Peter, none of them may be as special as his latest from the BBC: a gold Blue Peter badge. Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design now joins a list of just 1,000 people awarded with a gold badge, which also includes David Beckham, JK Rowling, and The  [Read More…]

Send a Notification Badge to the Terminal Dock Icon When a Task is Finished

A notification badge alert is sent to the Terminal icon in the OS X Dock

Not long ago we showed you how to announce when a command line task was finished by using the ‘say’ command, but because it speaks aloud it may be inappropriate to use in a quiet environment. A much more subtle notification takes advantage of Terminal apps new usage of the BEL alert, which in OS X Lion  [Read More…]

Remove the Alias Arrow Badge From Icons in Mac OS X

Remove the alias arrow badge from icons in Mac OS X Anytime you create an alias in Mac OS X the resulting alias of a file, app, or folder, will include the arrow icon in the corner. This makes it easy to identify any item as an alias, but you can hide the alias arrow badge from icons if you dont want to see them: From the OS X Finder hit  [Read More…]

Disable the Red Notification Badge from App Icons in iOS

Remove the Red Badge Icon from Apps Dont want to see the red badge notifications appear on iOS app icons anymore? You can disable these badge notifications and stop them from appearing on app icons by turning them off on a per application basis: Tap on Settings Tap on Notifications Scroll down and select the app you want to disable badge notifications on Swipe Badge App Icon to OFF Repeat to  [Read More…]

noOTA Badge Lets You Clear Your iOS 5 Update Badge

noOTA Badge will clear that pesky badge. iOS 5 users who have been waiting patiently on iOS 5.0 for the untethered jailbreak have been speaking out over and over about how annoying the over-the-air update badge for iOS 5.0.1 is. I was one of them. Eventually I got in contact with John Heaton and used BadgeClear, a 99 tweak that allows you to clear any badge off of any icon in iOS. But, why should  [Read More…]