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How to Disable (& Enable) Turbo Boost on a Mac

Many of the most modern Macs have processors which include a feature called Turbo Boost, this feature allows a processor to temporarily run above its standard clock rate when requested by the operating system. Turbo Boost can accelerate the performance of a Mac (or a PC for that matter) but it can also lead to … Read More

Boost Game Performance on Retina Macs with a Simple Trick

Mac users with Retina displays may have noticed that gaming performance is sometimes reduced on these machines. The reason is quite simple; if you’re running the game at native resolution, then the Mac has to drive the game at full resolution of the display at 2880 x 1440 or greater. A common solution to this … Read More

Apple is giving away $60 gift cards to boost Beats sales

Apple is trying to boost sales of its Beats by Dre accessories going into the holiday season by offering $ 60 Apple Music/iTunes Gift Card vouchers for a variety of headphones and speakers. Running from now through December 28 at U.S. Apple Stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, the deal applies to Beats Pro Headphones, Beats Studio […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple and Cisco team up to give iOS a biz boost

As part of its ongoing effort to penetrate the enterprise market, Apple announced today that it is partnering with Cisco to create fast lanes for iOS business users that use Cisco networking hardware. Apple revealed the new partnership this morning, detailing how Cisco’s enterprise environments will provide a unique experience for iOS devices and apps […][Read More…]

Save up to 97% on 5 certification bundles to give your skillset and resume a boost [Deals]

As the job market gets tougher, your resumé had better be doing the same. To help give you the edge in getting an interview, we’ve collected five certification courses that’ll maximize your marketability, all going for a fraction of the usual price. From learning the ins and outs of servers, to the secrets of wall […][Read More…]

Deceptively simple gadget could boost Siri’s hearing

Siri typically works pretty well when you’re just sitting around at home — or at least, it can usually hear you just fine. Whether or not you get the results you need is another question, but a prototype device created by engineers at Duke University could one day help Apple’s digital assistant understand you just […][Read More…]

Crazy-looking wooden case claims to boost your iPhone’s audio

Here’s a unique-looking case for your iPhone that promises to do more than just protect your handset from nicks and scratches. The Hibiki case for iPhone 6 says that it will also make your audio sound better. “Since iPhones receive…Read more ›

5 proven SEO tips to boost your site’s search rankings right now

This post is brought to you by SEO PowerSuite, an all-in-one suite of powerful yet easy-to-use Mac SEO tools. As Google changes its algorithms, website operators who want to land a prized top spot in search results must update their…Read more ›

30 Mac SEO tools to boost your website’s traffic

This post is brought to you by SEO PowerSuite. Search engine optimization can make or break your website. And Google and other search engines’ constant tweaking of their algorithms means a “set it and forget it” policy can lead to…Read more ›

ARM’s new chips will give iPhone 3.5x performance boost

ARM holdings, the company behind the mobile processor architecture that powers the iPhone and iPad, unveiled its next generation processor blueprints today that it says will increase performance three fold compared to its current designs. The new Cortex-A72 chips aimed…Read more ›