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36 empty iMac boxes taped together = human iMac hamster wheel!

Looking for a fun weekend project? Got 36 iMac boxes lying around? Make yourself an iMac hamster wheel. Redditor studercinema posted this incredible picture of two school IT dudes riding three dozen iMac boxes in a giant rolling circle. How is this possible? It turns out an empty iMac box has a ten degree angle […][Read More…]

Amazing guitar and vocal effects boxes will have you sounding like a pro

It’s hard enough to sing and play guitar at the same time, let alone manage a floor full of guitar effects pedals. Add to that trying to create vocal effects like most listeners expect and you’ve got a solo musician’s…Read more ›

A Crook Is Selling Boxes Of Potatoes As iPhones

In what has to be one of the most ridiculous scams in recent memory, a crook in the UK is selling unsuspecting buyers boxes of potatoes and bottled water, claiming that they are receiving an iPhone.   Three people so far have fallen for the hoax, in which a man approaches someone on the street and offers to sell them an iPhone, iPad, or laptop at a reduced price. In all  [Read More…]