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This LED bulb puts out brilliant light and sound [Deals]

If you thought LED light bulbs couldn’t get cooler, well, you were wrong. Energy saving, long-lasting, superior quality light, the StrimLIGHT LED bulb has all that going for it. It also has the ability to play crisp, clear audio. Yes, from a light bulb. Right now you can get a StrimLIGHT LED bulb for just […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Steve Jobs stars talk up movie’s brilliant innovation

Michael Fassbender doesn’t look anything like Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie about the Apple CEO’s life, but according to his co-star Jeff Daniels, that doesn’t matter because it’s the most truthful telling of Steve Jobs yet. “Michael’s really making sure that he tells the truth with STeve Jobs. That he really tries to get […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Brilliant lock screen shows how to recover your lost iPhone like a boss

Through the creation of its Find my iPhone feature, Apple has made it much easier to recover handsets when we misplace them. However, one amusing iPhone owner decided to go one step further to ensure that he would be reunited with his iPhone should it stray from his hands during a night of drunken merriment […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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This selfie stick alternative is simply brilliant

  Selfie sticks are quite possibly the worst thing mankind has ever invented. They’re annoying, long, and narcissistic and you can’t go to a concert, museum, landmark, or pretty much anywhere else in public without running into fifty dudes trying…Read more ›

Why withholding Apple Watch from U.K.’s biggest mobile retailer is a brilliant move

The Apple Watch could be Apple’s next mass-market iPod-like product, but the company’s not quite ready to see it popping up everywhere yet. With the Apple Watch launch just 24 days away, Apple has reportedly declined to supply the U.K.’s…Read more ›

Happy Birthday, YouTube: 10 years in one brilliant edit

Grumpy Cat, T-Shirt-guy, Leave Brittany alone! Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Bill Gates. Music videos, TV episodes, vlogs, and — of course — PewDiePie. That’s just a small sampling of the amazing video compilation edit you can see right now on…Read more ›

Sesame Street’s take on House of Cards is both brilliant and educational

The third season of Netflix’s amazing political drama House of Cards drops on February 27, and our friends at Sesame Street are apparently pretty excited. They put out a parody video today that recasts Kevin Spacey’s conniving, political shark as…Read more ›

Sublime night-skiing video shows off brilliant LED technology

Filmed on location at the Alyeska resort in Alaska, the Alaskan wilderness, and the Golden Alpine lodges in Canada, this incredible film of extreme skiing will light up your screens on October 19. The 12-minute video was created to show…Read more ›

Apple should steal this brilliant concept for social app discovery

Apple has the best App Store on the planet. Thousands of developers.  Millions of apps. Billions of sales. But no one can find a damn thing. Since 2008 iOS users have downloaded the App Store’s 1.2 million apps over 75 billion times.…Read more ›