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Eddy Cue: iPad Pro changed the way I think about tablets

Apple’s senior VP of services, Eddy Cue, sat down with CNN this morning to talk about why you need to buy the new iPad Pro that will go on sale later this week. Along with being the best iPad ever for professionals that want to create content, Cue told Brian Stelter that the gigantic tablet […]

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How Aaron Sorkin’s interview with Lisa changed Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ relationship with his first daughter, Lisa, plays a major role in the upcoming Steve Jobs movie, but according to screen writer Aaron Sorkin, that wouldn’t have been the case had he not scored a key interview even Walter Isaacson never got. Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Steve’s first daughter, spent some time with Aaron Sorkin before he […]

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How being featured in an Apple ad changed one musician’s life

40-year-old Cameroonian musician Blick Bassy has revealed how his life was transformed when Apple chose one of his songs, “Kiki,” for part of its iPhone 6 ad campaign. Although the ad only includes a 15-second excerpt of the song, Bassy says the resulting exposure has been greater than anything he has experienced in his 20 year […]

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A baseball coach changed the game with a little police work to solve fastball mystery

Michigan State University baseball coach Danny Litwhiler was reading the campus newspaper one day in 1974 when he decided to call the cops on some of his pitchers. An article and photo of campus police showing off the department’s new radar gun to catch speeders caught Litwhiler’s eye and he wanted police to swing by […][Read More…]

9 ways Steve Jobs changed high tech forever

Still Think You Can’t Do Real Work On The iPad? A Lot Has Changed Since 2010

This story first appeared in Cult of Mac Magazine. Back when I worked exclusively on my iPad, writing posts for Cult of Mac and everything related to that, I had a hell of a time getting some things done. It…Read more ›

This Is What Jony Ive Has Changed In iOS 7′s Design [WWDC 2013]

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 2.30.39 PM

Craig Ferenghi just gave us a demo of iOS 7. Here’s what is new about the look and design ethos of iOS 7.

• iOS 7 Parallax Motion — the background of the screen actually shifts with the accelerometer.

• The Weather app you can now tap for more info, weather is animated with backgrounds, a la Yahoo’s Weather App but without Flickr Information. Pinch  [Read More…]

AppGratis On Why Its App Was Pulled: Apple Changed Its Mind Overnight


AppGratis is a cautionary tale on building your business on Apple’s back.

AppGratis is a popular App Store app that’s used by more than 12 million iOS users. The company consists of 45 employees and recently raised $ 13.5 million in funding. AppGratis offers promotions and discounts for popular paid iOS apps in conjunction with third-party developers, and the company has continued to thrive over the last few years.

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How Apple Has Changed The World In Just 7 Years [Picture = 1,000 Words]

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 1.34.24 PM

The photograph at the top is from the announcement of the new pope Benedict XVI back in 2005; the photo at the bottom is from the announcement of Pope Francis I yesterday. Says everything that needs to be said about how Apple has changed the world, don’t you think?

Via: Soff.es Photo: Michael Sohn/AP

J.K Rowling: ‘MacBook Air Changed My Life”

Harry Potter fan art. Somebody took the time to draw this.

You know how Apple is always calling its products “magical?” Well, it turns out that it may be right. Harry Potter author J.K Rowling not only uses a MacBook Air to write, but says that it has changed her life.

While you might expect the world of wizards, muggles and Hogwarts to have been scratched out onto parchment with ink  [Read More…]