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Apple may be cutting back on iPhone 6s orders

Despite the iPhone 6s’ record-shattering 13 million unit sales in its first three days, reports coming out of Apple’s supply chain suggest that manufacturer Pegatron has stopped operating several of its iPhone 6s production lines in Shanghai — and may even be laying off some employees who were hired to work on the handset. While this has the distinct feel of […]

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Foxconn is cutting costs as Chinese smartphone market slows

Apple supplier Foxconn is reportedly cutting costs and widening its margins to keep ahead of the pack as the Chinese smartphone market slows, according to a new report. Although Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou has been outspoken about his desire to not rely too heavily on any one company, Foxconn currently gets around half of its […][Read More…]

Chop your veggies like Jony Ive with this wooden MacBook Pro cutting board

In the past, we’ve seen at least one madman use his iPad as a cutting board. While the guy was clearly senile, it does raise an interesting point: the design of many Apple products, from the iPad to the Mac,…Read more ›

The Apple TV Is Cutting A Lot Of Cable Cords

apple-appletv12-channels-lgCord cutting is something a lot of people threaten to do, but pretty much only ever talk about. People really like the idea of eliminating their cable bills and simply connecting their TV to the web, but the reality is there’s too much on TV you can’t easily get if you cut the cord, like […]

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Yes, You Can Now Buy A Cutting Board With A Built-In iPad Stand

The Chef’s Sleeve is a lot like a Wizard’s Sleeve, only it’s usually covered in gravy and blood. And the Chef Sleeve (singular) is a disposable plastic bag which protects your iPad as you cook. Now, the makers of the Chef Sleeve (the bag, not the actual sleeve) will sell you a cutting board with a built-in iPad stand. What could possibly go wrong?

The chopping board is made from wood fibers  [Read More…]

Old German Man Uses His iPad As A Cutting Board [Video]

Give most elderly people an iPad and even if they are not tech savvy, they suddenly just get it. Unfortunately, not so for this guy from a German comedy show, who puts his iPads Gorilla Glass coating and liquid damage indicators to the test by using his brand new tablet as a chopping board. His daughters expression at the end pretty much covers the same surge of horror I feel at the idea of using my new $ 829 iPad  [Read More…]

Bloody *@#%$ Wingsticks! Cutting Edge Shooter Rage:Campaign Edition Hits the Mac App Store

If todays release of Ids mind-blowing, Wasteland-themed Rage: Campaign Edition first-person shooter on the Mac App Store is any indication, the days of your mouth-breathing PC friends making fun of you because you cant play games on your Mac may be numbered.   Thats because, apart from a few notable exceptions (some excellent titles from Blizzard spring to mind), top-shelf games that make it to the Mac platform often arrive  [Read More…]

Can iPhone Rivals Mimic Apple Success Just By Cutting Models?

If you need another reason why iPhone rivals just dont get it, theres word four of the largest smartphone makers plan to introduce fewer models in a bid to replicate Apples success. Ah, if it were only so simple. According to the Taiwan-based industry publication DigiTimes, HTC, Research in Motion, Sony and Motorola Mobility will reduce the number of handsets they unveil to focus on designated models. The goal is  [Read More…]