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University adds dedicated texting lane for students on the move

You know mobile devices have hit a certain critical mass when universities start adding walking lanes designed to stop texters from accidentally colliding with non-texters. That’s exactly what happened to a staircase at Utah Valley University’s Student Life and Wellness…Read more ›

Facebook’s latest app is dedicated to groups

Another day, another app from Facebook. That seems to be the trend lately for the social networking giant, as seemingly every aspect of its service has been siloed into its own app. The latest is Facebook Groups for, you guessed…Read more ›

Apple launches new blog dedicated to all things Swift

Swift, a completely new programming language for the App Age, was one of the biggest announcements that come out of WWDC and now it’s also got its own blog. Apple launched a new blog dedicated to the development of Swift…Read more ›

Deadmau5′s new iPhone app is a subscription service dedicated to himself

Joel Thomas Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, is undoubtedly one of the most popular EDM artists/DJs on the planet. He’s apparently so famous that he has his own subscription service with an iPhone app that came out a few days ago. The…Read more ›

Find Kids Apps According To Age With Dedicated Section In iTunes [iOS Tips]

Chances are you are looking at apps for your kids during this holiday season, or you will be shortly. You don’t want to do this willy-nilly, as not all apps are made for kids, and searching for any apps from…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Twitter’s iOS 7 App Will Get A New Feed Dedicated To TV

twitterThanks to all of Jony’s changes with iOS 7, every app developer in the world is hurrying to finish their iOS 7 overhaul. Twitter is busy at work on their update too, except rather than just making everything flatter with shimmering gradients, Twitter plans to introduced a new feed dedicated to everything about TV, according […]

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Tea, An App Dedicated To The World’s Finest Beverage

I might be a lapsed Englishman, but there’s something that can never be bred out of me wherever I dwell: my love of a nice cup of tea. Unfortunately, even the Brits are getting lax when it comes to brewing God’s favorite beverage [1], relying on teabags instead of loose leaves and even (the horror!) […]

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New York Has A Team Of Cops Dedicated To Recovering Stolen Apple Devices


Apple devices are a popular target for the thieves of New York, so much so that the NYPD now has a team of cops dedicated to recovering stolen iPhones and iPads, according to the New York Post. Every time an Apple device is stolen, detectives work with the Cupertino company to identify their location and then recover them.

The NYPD acquired the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number assigned to devices with a  [Read More…]

Gamers Spent More On iOS And Android Than Dedicated Gaming Handhelds In Q4 2012


Sony and Microsoft, are all coming out with new gaming consoles this year, but when it comes to handheld gaming, Apple and Google have got them beat.

A new report claims that in the fourth quarter of 2012, gamers spend more money on iOS and Android games combined than the amount spent on dedicated handheld devices.

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Polaroid Opening New Stores Dedicated To Printing Your Smartphone Snaps

The Polaroid Fotobar in Delray Beach, Florida.

The Polaroid Fotobar in Delray Beach, Florida.

I can’t remember the last time I picked up a proper camera and took a photograph; every picture I take these days is on a smartphone. The problem with that is, I usually end up transferring them to my Mac, and then that’s where they stay. Forever. Making good quality prints isn’t as easy as it should be.

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