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How to Flag Emails as Different Colors on iPhone & iPad

If you’re the kind of person who frequently uses e-mail for job, personal, or business-related purposes, you might find it hard to manage all the mails you constantly receive in your inbox. Popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. have their unique ways to prioritize emails by letting uses star or flag important mails. … Read More

How to Change Siri Voice on Mac to Different Gender or Accent

Want to change the voice of Siri on a Mac? There are numerous voice options for Siri available, and on the Mac you can change the voice of Siri to be male or female, and you can even change Siri’s accent too. Siri must be enabled for this to work, so if you turned it … Read More

Apple had a different stance on helping the FBI in 2008

Here in 2016, Apple may be at odds with the FBI on the subject of iPhone unlocking — but things weren’t always that way! According to a new report, when the FBI first asked Apple to help it unlock an iPhone, way back in 2008, Apple didn’t just comply with the order; it actually helped […]

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New iPhone 7 concepts have vastly different takes on the future

Now that Apple has ruined all of our fun by showing us what the iPhone SE looks like, we can go back to obsessing over iPhone 7 concepts. We have two new ones for you to check out; one of them seems way more likely than the other, but they’re equally fun. We’re sure these […]

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Apple is testing “at least” five radically different iPhone 7 prototypes

What will the iPhone 7 look like? Even Apple doesn’t know. According to a new rumor out of china, Apple is currently experimenting with at least five different iPhone 7 models, each with a totally different combination of hardware, including a possible AMOLED screen, a USB Type-C connector instead of Lightning, and a fingerprint reader […]

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Would iTunes work better split into 16 different apps?

Apple gets a lot of kudos for its design chops, but there’s one product everyone thinks Cupertino can improve: iTunes. The bloated swiss army knife app for managing everything from your music library to the apps on your iPhone has been begging for a rethink for years. Yet for whatever reason, Apple has yet to […]

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Ex-Apple engineer wants you to think different about furniture

Here’s good news for anyone who has had to carry a heavy couch up or down several flights of stairs and/or through narrow doorways: You can now pre-order a sofa that will fit into easily portable boxes. This is Campaign furniture, and the company’s head is Brad Sewell, a former supply base engineer for Apple […][Read More…]

Sick of Apple Watch unboxing videos? This one’s different. Trust us.

This is the best Apple Watch unboxing video ever. Watch an Apple Watch unbox itself! Created by YouTube video makers Andy Schneider & Jonathan Britnell, collectively known as Burger Fiction, this unboxing video was done entirely with stop-motion animation. In…Read more ›

How to Access & Use Different Emoji Skin Tones on Mac

Now that many of our Emoji characters have various skin tones in iOS and OS X, you may want to access and use the new diverse emoji icon set on the Mac. This is quite simple, but do note that not all Emoji have the diverse skin and hair color options. Generally speaking, it’s the … Read More

Apple may release three different iPhones this September

Whispers about three new iPhones set to arrive this September are emanating from Apple’s Chinese supply chain — suggesting that we may be set to receive the expected iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, alongside a 4-inch iPhone referred to currently…Read more ›