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Dismiss Incoming Phone Call to Apple Watch with a Quick Palm Trick

Can’t answer a phone call and want to dismiss it quickly from the Apple Watch? Rather than ignoring the call but letting it continue to ring and jingle your wrist, you can use this neat palm trick to instantly silence and dismiss the inbound call, and you don’t even need to turn to the iPhone. … Read More

Apple loses appeal to dismiss antitrust monitor, again

Apple just can’t get rid of its shady antitrust compliance monitor. After making another appeal to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York to disqualify Michael Bromwich as its monitor, Apple was rejected by the federal court…Read more ›

Dismiss all your Apple Watch notifications at once

Notifications are the mainstay of Apple Watch (or any smartwatch, for that matter). Chances are you’ll get a ton of them, as most of the iPhone notifications will transfer over to your Apple Watch after you pair the two devices.…Read more ›

Apple files to dismiss iPod lawsuit as plaintiffs drop out

Apple has been fighting an iPod-related class-action lawsuit for nearly a decade now, but just as the trial is heating up in Oakland, the New York Times reports that the lawyers suing Apple have suddenly found themselves down to just…Read more ›

Dismiss Notifications Instantly in iOS 7 with a Swipe

Notifications can be both extremely useful and persistently obnoxious, depending on what they are for and when they come across your screen. For the times when they’re on the obnoxious end of the spectrum, in your way of doing something on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be happy to discover that now post iOS 7 you have a super-simple method of quickly dismissing notifications that you don’t want on the screen any longer.

All you need to do is swipe  [Read More…]

Dismiss Notifications Quickly And Easily In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Notification Dismiss iOS 7Notifications in iOS 6 can be annoying, for sure. To dismiss them takes some funky gestures, which we tipped you on a while back. In iOS 7, however, notifications look different, and–thankfully–are a little easier to dismiss. Here’s how it works. When a notification drops down on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 7 beta […]

The post Dismiss Notifications Quickly And Easily In iOS 7 Beta [iOS  [Read More…]

Apple Asks Judge To Dismiss iPhone Monopoly Lawsuit


iApple has asked a federal judge to dismiss a consumer lawsuit that alleges the Cupertino company maintains a monopoly on iPhone apps because it does not allow them to be purchased elsewhere, Bloomberg reports. Attorneys who filed the suit back in 2011 also ague that Apple’s 30% cut of developer revenue is increasing the prices of iOS apps.

At a hearing in Oakland, California, on Tuesday, Apple attorney Dan Law argued that the  [Read More…]

Dismiss Desktop Notifications in OS X Mountain Lion Immediately with a Swipe

Dismiss Notification Center Alerts in Mac OS X with a swipe

Want to quickly dismiss a desktop notification without opening Notification Center in OS X? It’s easy, just hover over the notification with the cursor and use a two-fingered swipe gesture from left to right, swiping the alert to where Notification Center appears, and the alert will quickly zip away in a blur.

This gesture doesn’t close the notification, it just moves  [Read More…]

Dismiss Incoming Calls By Placing Your iPhone On Its Face With Turn To Hangup Tweak [Jailbreak]

“Stop calling me, mom!”

Here’s an awesome little jailbreak tweak that you might find incredibly useful. It’s called Turn to Hangup, and as its name suggests, it instantly dismisses incoming calls when you place your iPhone on its face.

Yes, I’m aware some Android handsets have had this for sometime, but now the iPhone has it, too courtesy of Cydia.

Once installed, Turn to Hangup can be accessed via your Settings  [Read More…]

[Review] SwipeSiri – Dismiss Siri By Swiping

Has it ever been a pet peeve of yours having to press the home button to dismiss Siri either when you are finished using her or you launch her by accident? iOS developerRon Melkhiorhas released a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed SwipeSiri, which lets you use a simple swipe gesture to dismiss Siri instead of pressing the home button. As some of you are undoubtedly aware, you can already dismiss Siri when she is in  [Read More…]