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Circle with Disney is a near flawless parental control system [Reviews]

I recall at WWDC 2011 when Steve Jobs introduced iCloud he talked about how up until that point, managing and syncing content across devices was driving everybody nuts. You’d take one photo on one device and would have to plug it in and sync it to another device, which would then offer up some of […]

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Disney CEO is totally in love with Apple TV

Amazon, Google and Roku are all battling to win over your TV, but according to the Disney CEO Bob Iger, the new Apple TV tops them all, not only because it’s great for consumers, but also because it’s a win for content creators. “One of the most important things that the industry needs to do […]

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Disney president says Jobs would have been ‘appalled’ by Sorkin’s biopic

The real Steve Jobs would have been “appalled” at being the subject of a movie biopic like Steve Jobs, claims Pixar and Walt Disney Animation president Ed Catmull in a new interview. Check out Catmull’s comments about the unfortunate box office bomb below. “[The filmmakers] can’t tell the story because the story’s wrong,” Catmull says. […]

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iPad Pro meets the mouse during Disney test drive

Apple gave Disney’s animators an early look at the iPad Pro with its accompanying pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil, and based on to the teams initial reactions, they’re in love. “Let’s order a bunch,” said Disney Product Manager Paul Hildebrandt at the end of his brief hands-on with the iPad Pro. Disney’s artists got a preview of the […]

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Disney officially bans selfie sticks from theme parks

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Walt Disney’s wonderfully whimsical theme parks this year, make sure to leave your selfie stick at home. Disney announced this morning that it’s placing a ban on all selfie sticks starting next…Read more ›

Video shows how Disney animators recycled footage from older films

Drawing an entire new movie by hand is a long, hard, tedious process, but the animators at Disney have a hidden trick up their sleeves: they recycle footage from older animated films into new ones. In a new video showing…Read more ›

Walt Disney CEO thinks the future of movies is… the iPhone?

It’s easy to think that Steve Jobs’ biggest contribution to movies was his work at Pixar. In fact, according to no less an authority than Walt Disney and Pixar CEO John Lasseter, Jobs’ biggest lasting influence on cinema could turn…Read more ›

How Steve Jobs helped build a new Disney, this week on The CultCast

This week, on our maiden episode of 2015: The story of an iOS developer who gave a gift so generous, it went viral; discovering new apps and podcasts on iTunes is an awful experience, but we know how to fix…Read more ›

Disney CEO talks friendship with Steve Jobs

Apple’s partnership with Disney goes back way further than the latter company’s recent decision to accept Apple Pay at Disney World. At the time of his death in 2011, Steve Jobs was the single biggest shareholder of Disney stock as…Read more ›

Disney World will accept Apple Pay from December 24

We know that Eddy Cue has used Apple Pay to buy Frozen toys before, and from December 24 he can take his Disney love to the next level, thanks to the news that the Walt Disney World Resort is set to…Read more ›