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Forget iPads, this school district relies on… Amiga?

Apple has always been big in the educational market, but it’s something the company has pushed more than ever under Tim Cook — albeit with sometimes mixed results. The dream of having schools fully embrace the Apple ecosystem certainly sounds…Read more ›

LA school district wants multimillion dollar refund for failed iPad program

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is demanding a multimillion dollar refund from Apple following a failed iPad program that was set to give more than 640,000 students a tablet for education. It is thought that the Board of Education is exploring…Read more ›

District 9′s Neil Blomkamp will direct the next Alien movie!

Despite attracting the absolutely best talent, the Aliens franchise has been on a bit of a rough patch for the last, oh, 30 years ago. Ridley Scott’s Prometheus prequel? It sucked. Alien: Resurrection, a joint written by Joss Whedon and…Read more ›

Apple to build flagship store in historic L.A. district

Apple is looking to open a flagship store in downtown Los Angeles’ historic Broadway Trade Center, reports the Downtown LA Examiner, which claims its heard whispers that Cupertino plans to invade the massive building that nearly occupies an entire city…Read more ›

LA school district puts $1 billion iPad rollout on hold

The Los Angeles Unified School District decided to blow its entire $ 1 billion tech budget on an iPad for every student last year, but after security hacks and supply issues got the program off to a rocky start, the district has decided…Read more ›

LA Teachers Are Angry District Spent $1 Billion On iPads Instead Of Repairs

  The LA Unified School District made headlines when it pledged to make it rain iPads on students by spending $ 1 billion on Apple’s tablets, but teachers are more concerned of the rain leaking through their classroom roofs. The school…Read more ›    [Read More…]

LA School District Didn’t Plan On Students Hacking iPads In Class

la-1512925-me-0827-ipad-01-rrc-jpg-20130827The Los Angeles Unified School District is in the process of rolling out iPads to all of its students in 47 K-12 schools. It’s a huge educational partnership for Apple, and the goal is to have students use the iPads to help learn the curriculum. Apparently LAUSD didn’t anticipate that students would be able to easily […]

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U.S. District Judge Throws Out App Store Antitrust Case

Apple-App-Store-appsIf I told you that Apple had a monopoly over all of the apps sold through the iTunes App Store, what would you say? Would you stammer for a little bit, eyes boggling, trying to understand how an injustice like this could happen in our tightly regulated markets? Or would you say, “No kidding, Sherlock. […]

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S.F. District Attorney Says He’s Pleased With iOS 7 Activation Lock

activationlockiOS7One of Apple’s biggest antagonist regarding smartphone theft says that he’s pretty happy with the improved security features of iOS 7. After announcing his efforts last week to test Apple’s new security lock, San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascón says that Apple’s Activation Lock is a “clear improvement” over previous solutions aimed at deterring thieves […]

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Apple Signs $30 Million iPad Contract With Second-Largest School District In U.S.


Apple just scored a big win with the education industry last night as the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) announced it has signed a $ 30 million contract with Apple to supply its students with iPads in the classroom.

The terms of the contract show that Apple will provided the iPads to LAUSD at a cost of $ 678 per iPad. That price is a bit above retail, but the  [Read More…]