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Astropad turns your iPad Pro into an amazing wireless drawing tablet

Digital artists know that there’s no substitution for a graphics tablet when trying to draw on your Mac, except maybe the iPad Pro and Pencil. Astropad co-founder Matt Ronge thinks his company’s $ 20 app, when combined with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, can match and even exceed the current champ of the tablet world, […]

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The Apple Pencil has reignited my love of drawing

The Spider-Man drawing above was created entirely on the iPad Pro using Procreate and the Apple Pencil. After many years, my love of drawing has been reignited and transported to the digital age. Friends of mine from childhood, high school and college remember me as someone who loved to draw. Armed with reams of continuous pin fed dot matrix computer […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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The simple patent drawing was once a work of art

The illustration that accompanies a patent application is a first glimpse inside the head of the inventor. Finally, an idea becomes a possibility, and even if an invention later proves to be impractical or an outright failure, the drawing serves…Read more ›

FiftyThree’s Paper Receives The iOS 7 Treatment, Enhanced Drawing Tools

Today FiftyThree released a new version of Paper that has been optimized for iOS 7. The update also includes enhancements to existing tools, like Zoom. Since Paper is designed to be a blank slate to begin with, the changes aren’t…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Makers Of Popular Drawing App ‘Paper’ Introduce Bluetooth Stylus ‘Pencil’

  FiftyThree, the team of software developers behind the popular iPad drawing-app ‘Paper’ are moving beyond the digital wares with their first piece of hardware – a Bluetooth rechargeable stylus dubbed ‘Pencil,’ that’s customized to work in tandem with the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Ember’s New ‘Smart Drawing’ Feature Magically Turns Your Shaky Sketches Into Smooth Shapes

Ember LibraryEmber for Mac, the terrific scrapbooking tool from Realmac Software, has just received its first update following its debut late last month. The release adds a new feature called “Smart Drawing,” which magically turns your shaky sketches into “beautifully-smooth shapes.” “We’ve been hard at work bringing some frequently-requested features to Ember,” Realmac says in the […]

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Mischief Drawing App For Mac Feels Like Pixels, Works Like Vectors

Oh man, does Mischief ever look amazing. It’s a Mac (or Windows) drawing app which feels like it uses pixels, but stores your strokes as vectors. This means that you can daub away with your favorite pressure-sensitive stylus, but enjoy the infinite zooming and tiny file sizes of vectors. Adobe Ideas does something similar on iOS, but this is a whole lot bigger.

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NeoLucida, A Fantastic Old-School Drawing Aid For The Modern Day

I have three very good reasons to write this post. One is that the camera lucida is just a kick-ass gadget, the kind of thing that all you creative iOwning folks out there will presumably love. Second, the Kickstarter video which accompanies it is both interesting and educational. And third, I have an idea for a version that will use your iPad and iPhone.

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Patent Proves iPhone Nano Was on Apple’s Drawing Board

Since the original iPhone was released four years ago, one of the most persistent rumors in tech news was that Apple would “soon” release a mini-version of the iPhone – an iPhone nano, if you will. As we all know, “soon” never came with regard to this mythical product. But we can at least finally confirm that the rumor wasn’t altogether unfounded. Thanks to a freshly unearthed patent discovered by our friends at Patently Apple,  [Read More…]