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How to Check SMART Status on Mac Hard Drives

Mac users can easily check the SMART status of their hard drives and internal disk storage by using Disk Utility in Mac OS, offering a simple way to see if the disk hardware itself is in good health or is experiencing a hardware issue. This article will walk you through how to check SMART status … Read More

How to Decrypt External Drives on Mac

For Mac users who encrypt external hard drives and USB flash drives, there may come a time when you want to remove the password protection and decrypt the external device. Decrypting an external drive allows all data on the drive to be accessed without the password authentication, effectively turning off any protection on the target … Read More

How to Secure Erase Free Space on Mac Drives with OS X El Capitan

Many Mac users running a modern version of OS X El Capitan have noticed the Secure Erase Free Space feature has gone missing from Disk Utility. What the “Erase Free Space” feature did (and still does in prior versions of Mac OS X) was overwrite the free space on a drive to prevent file recovery, … Read More

CleanMyDrive 2 offers new tools to keep your external drives in top shape

Ever noticed how filled with digital flotsam and jetsam your Mac gets? It’s even worse with external hard drives, which tend to fill up with OS X service files (with glorious names like .DS_Store or .TemporaryItems), Windows service files from when you connect to other PCs, resource forks and un-emptied files in the Trash. CleanMyDrive […]

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Giant discounts on a pair of Monster portable storage drives [Deals]

It’s Halloween season, but prices of these two Monsters are anything but scary. With cavernous storage and solid state storage, these are two devices you can take with you free of the worry of a dying motor or a scratched disc. And at more than half off, they’re going for a price that can’t be […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Electronics-sniffing dogs can root out USB drives

Criminals don’t just have to worry about someone finding their drug stashes anymore, as police have started to employ highly trained, electronics-sniffing dogs to root out illegal material on USB thumb drives and SD cards. Only five dogs have acquired this particular set of skills that can make them a nightmare for cybercriminals and child […][Read More…]

French engineer wrings music from obsolete computer drives

Arganalth can look at an old floppy disk drive and see in it a second act. The 23-year-old engineer from Lille, France uses old computer hardware long overdue for the landfill to assemble an electronic orchestra that he conducts out…Read more ›

Which massive hard drives are too big to fail?

One year ago we were given some insight into which hard drives last the longest thanks to BackBlaze media’s analysis of the tens of thousands of hard drives in their data center. The company uses regular consumer-grade hard drives due…Read more ›

iPhone 6 drives Apple’s best-ever quarter in India

As Apple continues it global expansion, India marks one of the company’s big next frontiers — with 1.2 billion citizens and a fast-growing smartphone market. Today, the company gets some good news, in the shape of some great reports about…Read more ›

iPhone 6 drives App Store to new download record

The massive success of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has pushed app downloads into overdrive, according to a new report from mobile marketers Fiksu. In the month of November, the combination of time off for Thanksgiving and new iPhones…Read more ›