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How to Show a List of All Calendar Events on Mac

If you use the Calendar app on Mac and iOS, your calendar events will seamlessly sync between all Apple devices using the same Apple ID. While the iPhone and iPad have easy ways to display a Calendar in List View from iOS, the Mac doesn’t have the same simple toggle functionality to see a list … Read More

Apple Events app brings March 21 keynote to Apple TV

The new Apple Events apps for tvOS has finally arrived, giving Apple TV owners a way to watch the iPhone SE keynote from the comfort of their living room. Apple’s ‘Loop you in’ event will be the company’s first keynote to stream on the new Apple TV, only unlike previous event channels, you’ll have to […]

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Watch the big keynote today on the ‘Apple Events’ channel via Apple TV

Today is the big day, with possible reveals of a new iPhone 6s and 6s plus, an iPad Pro, and an Apple TV that will play games and run apps. Don’t miss out on all this great stuff! You can follow the massive Apple happening right here on Cult of Mac’s own liveblog (and should, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Microsoft’s new app lets you poll friends to plan events

Microsoft has been killing it on iOS with its lineup of premium productivity apps. Now the company is trying to make organizing group outings a lot more fun with is new app Tossup from the Microsoft Garage. Out today on…Read more ›

‘Special Events’ channel added to Apple TV ahead of today’s iPad keynote

After the disaster that was Apple’s last keynote live stream, it seemed possible that Apple wouldn’t attempt another one for its October 16, where the company is expected to unveil new versions of the iPad, its long-awaited Retina Display iMac,…Read more ›

#TBT: Why Apple events are the World Series of tech journalism

CUPERTINO, California — I’m a sports photographer, not a tech blogger, so I felt out of place shooting Apple’s big iPhone 6 press event with my iPhone 5s. Baseball is what I do — I’ve shot nine Sports Illustrated covers…Read more ›

This hilarious song packs in all the events of WWDC

If you don’t have time to watch the whole WWDC keynote address or peruse our great live coverage of the event have no fear: a catchy song by musician Jonathan Mann has you covered! In just 3 minutes 24 seconds,…Read more ›

Facebook’s Paper App Continues To Evolve With Birthdays, Events, Groups, And More

It has been nearly three months since Facebook launched Paper for iPhone, a cutting-edge experiment in what it means to use Facebook. Today Paper received its first big update in the App Store, and a few of the elements that…Read more ›

How To Add Your Facebook Events To Mavericks’ Calendar App [OS X Tips]

Unfortunately, Facebook kind of runs my scheduling life. I plan events there, accept events from other folks for parties and recitals and stuff, and–most importantly–keep track of many birthdays that I’ve never really put into my calendar over the years.…Read more ›

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Readdle’s Calendar 5: Reminders, Events, Natural Language Processing

cal5Readdle’s new iOS calendaring app, Calendars 5, launched yesterday, and after a day of use I can confidently state that I can find nothing wrong with it. In fact, I like it a whole lot. Why? Because it combines your calendars and reminders in one iOS7-style app, and folds in Fantastical-style natural-language entry. It’s pretty […]

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