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What Apple eventually got right in its awkward ’80s video

In 1987, Apple created a video set in 1997 that was all about how much better the world was with all of the amazing Apple products the company was going to create. Almost 20 years later, some of the predictions…Read more ›

Apple Watch will eventually replace your car keys

During his whirlwind tour of the Middle East and Europe, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been leaving little breadcrumbs of Apple Watch revelations. There was the confirmation that the Watch will be showerproof in Germany, and now Cook has said it…Read more ›

Will Carriers Eventually Force Apple To Change The Way It Sells The iPhone?

Five years on, the iPhone's still got it.

How much longer can Apple keep milking the carriers?

Apple and the U.S. carriers have always had a bittersweet relationship. Carriers love Apple because the iPhone brings people into their stores, but carriers are also pressured by Apple to pay high subsidies so that Apple can maintain its high profit margins.

Given that there’s way more competition for the iPhone these days, Apple’s chokehold  [Read More…]

Lenovo Says Apples iPad Will Eventually Be Destroyed By The Competition

PC Maker Lenovo just released their first would-be iPad killer, the IdeaPad K1. It is, of course, a piece of junk, with This Is My Next calling it chunky and cheap-feeling with software that is unstable to the point of being unusable. Youd think that would damp anyones aspirations in the tablet game: HP pulled out of the tablet market despite garnering much more positive reviews for the TouchPad. Nevertheless,  [Read More…]