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Ex-Apple engineer wants you to think different about furniture

Here’s good news for anyone who has had to carry a heavy couch up or down several flights of stairs and/or through narrow doorways: You can now pre-order a sofa that will fit into easily portable boxes. This is Campaign furniture, and the company’s head is Brad Sewell, a former supply base engineer for Apple […][Read More…]

Ex-Apple exec Scott Forstall is already a big hit on Broadway

The man who lead the creation of iOS may have found his next calling in an unlikely place: Broadway. Scott Forstall, a veteran Apple executive who was famously ousted in 2012, has been co-producing a hit musical that’s already doing…Read more ›

You’ll never believe what ex-Apple VP Scott Forstall is up to now

We’re starting to learn more about what excommunicated Apple executive Scott Forstall is up to after years of flying under the radar. The former head of iOS is an advisor to Snapchat, and although he will likely continue to be involved…Read more ›

Jeff Daniels slated to play ex-Apple CEO in Steve Jobs movie

Jeff Daniels is just finishing up his last season as Will McAvoy, but he could be reunited with The Newsroom creator Aaron Sorkin sooner than anyone anticipated, as Daniels is the top choice to play the role of former Apple…Read more ›

Ex-Apple managers reveal Cupertino’s killer workload

Working at Apple isn’t a cake walk. Any former or current employee will tell you that point blank. On a recent episode of the Debug podcast, ex-Apple managers Don Melton and Nitin Ganatra discuss the ridiculous hours senior-level employees are…Read more ›

Ex-Apple VP Ron Johnson is taking on retail shopping with gadget delivery startup

Ron Johnson revolutionized the retail shopping world when he left Target in 2000 to join Apple and design the entire Apple Store shopping experience with Steve Jobs. Now, coming off a 17-month stint as the CEO of JC Penney, Ron…Read more ›

Ex-Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée on why the IBM/Apple partnership is different

In a new blog post, famed ex-Apple executive Jean-Louise Gassée has given his thoughts on the recent IBM and Apple strategic alliance. And while Gassée notes that most strategic alliances don’t work, he thinks the Apple/IBM one will work out……Read more ›

Ex-Apple executive says the App Store should be more like Reddit

Since it first opened up in Julu of 2008, the App Store has paid developers over $ 13 billion at last count, and the marketplace hosts are over 1 million third-party programs. That makes the App Store a success by almost…Read more ›

The 10 coolest companies founded by ex-Apple employees

Ex-Apple Exec says Macs could run on ARM processors by 2016

Over the years, I’ve seen rumor after rumor that Apple would eventually abandon Intel chips in favor of ARM chips. And time after time, I’ve refuted those arguments, saying that a Mac running ARM processors is not likely to happen…Read more ›