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iPhone 7 Will Look Familiar, iPhone 8 to Offer Major Design Overhaul

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the next iPhone model to debut this year will largely resemble existing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S in appearance. Instead, Apple will opt for a more dramatic design overhaul with the 2017 model year iPhone. According to WSJ, the most notable visual change in this years iPhone release will … Read More

Digital pros need to know Microsoft Office, so get familiar [Deals]

Word, Excel, Outlook, the many faces of Microsoft Office are familiar to anyone who works in a professional office. But being fluent is what counts when you want to get the gig, and this bundle of course will make sure you get there quickly. These lessons will also prep you for the certification exams that […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Leaked iPhone 6s front panel looks awfully familiar

The iPhone 6s is likely to be revealed within the next two months, which means the leaks are starting to flow out of the supply chain like toxic fumes pummeling out of Foxconn factories. We got our first look at…Read more ›

New Terminator trailer brings big twist to familiar franchise

The crazy machines are at it again, only this time it’s not what we’ve come to expect from the long-running Terminator franchise, now coming to theaters in July as Terminator: Genisys In the first film, Arnold Schwarzenegger played the original…Read more ›

NASA’s new Mars technology has a familiar look: the flying saucer

Flying saucers from Mars is the stuff of science fiction. But a flying saucer from Earth is part of the mission to get astronauts to the Martian surface. NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory completed a successful spin test of…Read more ›

iFixit teardown of Retina iMac reveals user upgradable RAM, familiar internals

The folks at iFixit have already gotten their hands on a new 27-inch Retina iMac, and their teardown reveals everything you need to know about the machine’s innards. Thanks to a rear access door, the RAM in the new iMac remains…Read more ›

Apple’s partner used familiar code-name for top secret payments project

Apple’s insistence on secretive behavior is well known. When it came to entering mobile payments with Apple Pay, that veil of secrecy didn’t drop for a second — with Apple insisting on some pretty stringent security measures, despite dealing with…Read more ›

Samsung’s microphone icon design patent sure looks familiar

Oh, you wacky Samsung-ites: will you never learn? Samsung was somehow recently granted a design trademark for a “display screen with icon” and, wouldn’t you know it, it looks almost exactly like the icon Apple currently uses for Siri. For…Read more ›

Urban Outfitters’ New Earbuds Look Curiously Familiar

Urban Outfitters, everyone’s favorite copyright-infringing chain store, is at it again with the Happy Plugs, earbuds from a “Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand that brings color to the world.” Can you imagine a pair of Apple’s old Earbuds, only in…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Alpha 9 Is A Fine But Familiar Mix Of Boggle And Tetris [Review]

Fans of word games are always looking out for new apps that will let them arrange letters and clear blocks or cross things or whatever else people do when they’re using text as game pieces. Here’s another game that lets…Read more ›    [Read More…]