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How to Disable “Shake to Send Feedback” in Google Maps for iPhone and iPad

Have you ever been using Google Maps on iPhone or iPad and noticed a little pop-up alert message stating “Shake to send feedback – You shook your device! Your feedback suggestions help us improve Google Maps.” with options to report data problems, send feedback, or to dismiss the alert. Sometimes Google Maps users on iPhone … Read More

How to Change iPhone 7 Home Button Click Feedback

The new iPhone models don’t have a physical clicking Home button, and instead it senses pressure and gives haptic feedback instead, similar to how 3D Touch works on the screen and on Mac trackpads. If you decide you want to change how that Home button click feels, you can adjust the Home button click strength … Read More

How to File Bugs & Offer Feedback in MacOS Sierra

Beta testers of macOS Sierra can send feedback and bug reports directly to Apple, offering a chance to help shape the future of the Mac operating system. Reporting bugs and offering feature feedback is part of the fun of beta testing (and part of the purpose of the public betas), so if you are running … Read More

How to Report Bugs in iOS 10 & Send Feedback to Apple

Now that iOS 10 public beta is available to install for anyone, users can run the beta system software on any compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Of course since it’s beta software, users may encounter bugs, or there may be behavior that is generally unexpected or could be improved upon in the iOS 10 … Read More

How to fix weak taptic feedback on Apple Watch

Taptic feedback on the Apple Watch felt a little weird at first, but we’ve come to love its gentle nudges to let us know something is going on. But some Cult of Mac staffers have noticed that after time, the taptic feedback has started to feel not so … tappy anymore. If you’re having this […][Read More…]

Don’t Like Something in OS X Yosemite? Let Apple Know with Feedback Assistant

Now that OS X Yosemite is in open public beta and generating considerable interest from Mac users, a fair amount of complaints or frustrations have surfaced both in our comments and around the web on forums. Whether it’s a pestering bug, a beloved feature that has gone missing or that was tweaked in Yosemite, something … Read More

Report claims iPhone 6 will feature advanced haptic feedback technology

Here’s one to file in the “exciting, but most likely not happening” category. A new Chinese media report suggests that one of the iPhone 6′s “secret weapons” could be the inclusion of advanced haptic feedback technology. Sources claim that the…Read more ›

Ulysses III Update Gets A Whopping 117 Changes Following User Feedback


We told you about Ulysses III when it first hit the Mac App Store back in April, and we called it “the best text editor ever” in our review. And it’s even better with its latest update, which brings a whopping 117 changes based on user feedback.

If you need a good text editor for Mac, then we urge you to give Ulysses a try. It’s a little more expensive than  [Read More…]

Clear For iPhone Makes Edge Swipe Gesture Optional Following User Feedback


Realmac Software, the developers behind Clear for iPhone, have been listening to your feedback, and they’ve today release an update that makes the “Edge Swipe” gesture entirely optional. In addition to this, they’re made some iCloud tweaks that promise to “improve how Clear behaves when iCloud misbehaves.”Although this isn’t a major update to Clear, it does make a significant change that’s sure to make a big difference to some users. Those  [Read More…]

Apple Patents Clip-On Accessory That Could Bring Tactile Feedback To iOS Devices


No one likes typing on a touchscreen keyboard. Even after using an iPhone for five years, I avoid writing anything more than a short text message or email on it whenever possible. We know Apple’s been working hard to bring tactile feedback to touchscreen devices from previous patents, but this particular invention is one of its weirder ideas.

It’s a clip-on accessory that fits onto a an iPod, iPhone, or iPad  [Read More…]