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Motorcyles, Star Wars and pigeons: 8 more Instagram feeds to follow

This we week we got lost in the vast oasis of Instagram searching for some great photographers to recommend. We wandered down the road searching for fun feeds featuring motorcycles, adventurers, dogs and, oddly, pigeons. What we found, once again,…Read more ›

Subscribe to RSS Feeds in Safari for OS X Yosemite

RSS is a really great way to follow some of your favorite web sites and skim headlines to check out specific articles you most want to read. Many Mac users rely on third party apps for subscribing to RSS feeds, but the newest versions of Safari for OS X have an RSS subscription feature built … Read More

Buffer social network manager adds feeds and multiple accounts sharing

If you’re anything like me it can be difficult to stay on top of all of your different social media accounts, which is why Buffer is so useful as a tool — since it allows you to share to Twitter,…Read more ›

Cigar feeds you all those Kickstarters you might otherwise miss

Cigar is a new aggregation app that pulls in new content from crowd-funding site Kickstarter, Netflix, TED Talks, and the App Store and presents it to you in a giant pile for your consideration. You run through them one at…Read more ›

Feedshare Lets You Share Your List Of RSS Feeds

  Feedshare is a great new service for sharing your RSS feeds. That is, you can upload the OPML file containing all your subscribed feeds and it will be available to anyone who cares. And you don’t just have to…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Traktor DJ Cable Feeds Headphones And Speakers Seperately, From One Jack Socket

traktorDJing (or is that deejaying?) on the iPad is pretty rad, but what do you do about cueing up the next track? If you’ve got $20 to spend, you can buy the Traktor DJ cable, a splitter that lets you cue a track with your headphones and play another through the speakers. Used in conjunction […]

The post Traktor DJ Cable Feeds Headphones And Speakers Seperately, From One Jack Socket appeared  [Read More…]

Migrate RSS Feeds from Google Reader to Feedly or Pulse

RSS Alright faithful OSXDaily readers, listen up: 11,471 of you are STILL using Google Reader to access our RSS feed, but Reader is scheduled to end on July 1. While that is a huge improvement from the 40,000+ that were a few months ago… that’s still too many of our wonderful readers to have not migrated over to an alternative RSS reading platform yet. I’m assuming the reason is because of  [Read More…]

Get RSS Feeds in OS X Notification Center with RSS.app

RSS feeds in Notification Center of Mac OS X

Mac OS X no longer includes a native RSS reader in Mail or Safari, something that just about no one is particularly pleased about, but a new free app brings RSS functionality back to OS X in perhaps the most logical new way: by embedding feeds into Notification Center.

Aptly named “RSS.app”, it’s a lightweight menubar item that you can add RSS  [Read More…]

iTunes Feeds Content to YouTube’s New Artist ‘Merch Store’

A lot of buzz is being generated by YouTube’s freshly announced “Merch Store.” And Apple is sharing in some of the hype. On Sunday, Christian Weitenberner, Senior Technical Account Manager at YouTube, touted the new online merchandise hub in an official blog post for the Google-owned video-sharing platform. According to Weitenberner, the Merch Store allows musicians to sell digital downloads of their tunes, in addition to concert tickets or other branded merchandise. The Merch Store,  [Read More…]

New York City Man Force Feeds His Girlfriend’s iPhone To Her

Well, that’s one way to end an argument about last month’s AT&T bill. A New York man has apparently been arrested after trying to ram his girlfriend’s iPhone down her throat.   37-year old patent attorney Brian Anscomb allegedly force fed his 23-year old girlfriend an iPhone during a fight on early Saturday, leaving bruises and cuts around her mouth. Anscomb apparently has quite the temper, and his assaults seem  [Read More…]