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Custom Lego figures pay tribute to Steve Jobs

A two-pack of custom Lego figures has made late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs into Elvis Presley. Not appearance-wise, we mean. That would be super weird. But the new set, which comes courtesy of custom-Lego company FamousBrick, pays tribute to Jobs by showcasing both young and old versions of the tech legend. Jobs isn’t the first […]

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Place your bets! Analysts take stabs at secret Apple Watch sales figures

Apple is still being coy about Apple Watch sales figures, with Cook this week noting that, “We are not announcing the numbers” — but assuring people that the company has “shipped a lot” of Apple Watches, and that numbers continue to grow. “This is competitive information,” he said. “I don’t want to help the competition. […]

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Android vs. iOS: Do adoption figures mean anything?

iOS 9 has been out for two days, and it’s already running on more than 20 percent of compatible devices, according to the latest data. In comparison, Google’s latest Android release, version 5.1 Lollipop, is running on just 5.1 percent of devices ten months after it made its public debut. These figures highlight the staggering difference between […]

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Here’s where you’ll find Apple Watch sales figures from today’s earnings call

Apple’s quarterly earnings call is set to take place later today, but one set of figures we’re not expecting to get are the initial Apple Watch sales, which Apple has already acknowledged will be hidden in the “other products” category…Read more ›

Apple’s diversity figures show increase in number of black employees

Speaking at Fortune’s Brainstorm Conference in Aspen, Colorado, Apple’s head of human resources has revealed that the company will record a 1 percent increase in its proportion of black employees in 2015. “We were pleasantly surprised to realize that we did…Read more ›

No lightsabers were used to carve these impressive Star Wars wax figures

Voltaire was the first. Now Vader is a wax figure. Madame Tussauds has been in the business of meticulously sculpting lifelike models of the famous since 1777. Now, in a gallery far, far away (well, London), the wax museum has…Read more ›

iOS 7 Adoption Figures Put Android To Shame

85% of iOS devices are running iOS 7 or later, Apple claims. Refreshing its iOS usage numbers on Monday, Apple measured usage of its most recent mobile OS for a seven‑day period ending March 23, 2014. Next in line, unsurprisingly,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

iOS Figures Dwarf Android’s When It Comes To Christmas-Time Shopping

One of the big problems with focusing on a broad metric like mobile platform market share is that it ignores some of the more important (and complex) questions about how these platforms are actually used. For example, which customers are…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Facebook Figures Out A New Way To Annoy: Autoplaying Videos (And Video Ads)

4Get ready for a whole new way for Facebook to make navigating through your feed on your iPhone hell! Facebook is preparing to launch auto-playing videos in your News Feed… and, yup, they’ll eventually be available to advertisers. The approach Facebook wants to take here is very Vine or Instagram-like. Essentially, videos will autoplay as […]

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