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Man claims his iPhone caught fire in his pants

A man in Atlanta claims he was forced to strip in public after his iPhone 6 Plus caught fire while in the front pocket of his jeans. “I mean, it was pretty humiliating having to take your pants off in a parking lot,” he told the local Channel Two Action News, asking them to withhold his […]

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Amazon beats Apple to 4K with Fire TV, Fire TV Gaming Edition

Disappointed the new Apple TV doesn’t support 4K? Then get Amazon’s new Fire TV instead. Two new versions of the device — Fire TV and Fire TV Gaming Edition — are here with updated internals that make them 75 percent faster than their predecessor, plus Alexa, Amazon’s own virtual assistant that is the brains behind […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Amazon shrinks hardware division, ditches projects following Fire phone flop

Amazon has dismissed dozens of engineers and ditched a handful of hardware projects following its dismal attempt at tackling the smartphone market, according to a new report. The retail giant has also restructured what’s left of its hardware division, combining what was two separate units into one. “In recent weeks Amazon has dismissed dozens of […][Read More…]

Apple invites you to return your Beats Pill XL before it catches fire

Apple today invited Beats Pill XL owners to return their speakers for a refund after discovering that its battery could overheat and pose a fire safety risk. Customers will receive a full refund of $ 325 as an Apple Store gift…Read more ›

Fire breaks out at Apple’s Arizona command center

A fire of unknown origin broke out today in Apple’s command center in Mesa, Arizona. Local firefighters responded at around 11:30 Tuesday morning to the structure, which formerly held sapphire glass supplier GT Advanced Technologies. A Mesa fire spokesperson said…Read more ›

iPad comes under fire from Surface 3 running full Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s early attempts to the tablet crown from Apple hasn’t really gone according to plan. All the Surfaces from the original to the Pro 2 were flops, but Microsoft seems to have hit its stride with the Surface Pro 3.…Read more ›

Amazon Fire TV adds sweet new features for free

Apple is trying to make Apple TV more appealing than ever with a lower price tag and HBO Now exclusivity, but Amazon announced today that it’s bringing new features to its set top box too, and they won’t cost customers…Read more ›

Amazon’s unsold Fire Phones are costing it $170 million

During its earnings call yesterday Amazon gave some clues about just how spectacularly its Fire Phone business is tanking — making it seem one of the worst tech ideas since the RMS Titanic shipped without lifeboats. How bad are we talking?…Read more ›

Practically nobody’s buying Amazon’s Fire Phone (including Prime members)

Nobody would ever call Amazon’s Fire Phone a hit, but even the company’s most loyal shoppers are apparently avoiding the phone like the plague. A new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners says that while the Amazon Prime subscription service…Read more ›

Amazon may have sold less than 35,000 Fire Phones so far

Amazon is quickly learning that 3D gimmicks and a lack of third-party app support aren’t attributes consumers tend to look for in a smartphone, with one report suggesting that the retail giant has sold less than 35,000 Fire Phones since the device made…Read more ›