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How to Enable Flash Player on Chrome

You may have noticed that though Google Chrome offers native support for the Flash player plugin, but it’s now disabled by default within the browser. Thus if you want to use Flash on Chrome, you must enable Flash Player manually through the Chrome settings. This tutorial will show you how to enable Flash Player on … Read More

iOS-friendly flash drive makes sharing data simple [Reviews]

Lust List: Xtra Drive by Naztech We’ve all been using flash drives on our Macs for ages, ever since Apple dropped the disk drives from its computer lineup. iPhones and iPads don’t have a USB port, so it’s hard to use the same external thumb drives on the go. The new Xtra Drive from Naztech […]

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Adobe rushes out yet another security patch for Flash

In a post that surprises no one in the tech community, Adobe needed to fix another Flash security flaw today, rushing out a patch for its web multimedia software. Adobe is rating the update as a critical vulnerability “that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.” Which, of course, sounds […]

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Flash Sale: Award-Winning TextExpander 5 For 31% Off [Deals]

Whether it’s emails, newsletters, or blog posts, if you spend any amount of time typing you likely also waste a lot of it by repeating yourself. After the 300th time typing out an address, the name of a business, or anything that bears repeating, you’ve spent valuable seconds that quickly add up, and which you could’ve […]

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Londoner gets unexpected flash on iPhone, and it wasn’t from Adobe

A woman in London, in the U.K., has reported being the victim of “cyber-flashing,” after receiving two photos of a man’s genitals on her iPhone via AirDrop. “I had AirDrop switched on because I had been using it previously to send photos to another iPhone user — and a picture appeared on the screen of a […][Read More…]

Facebook security chief begs Adobe to kill Flash

Though Adobe Flash has been dying a slow death over the past few years, it’s far from dead yet. However, it seems like some people are getting pretty impatient with it and Facebook’s new chief security officer Alex Stamos is…Read more ›

Wireless LED flash eliminates dark photos with just two taps

After a successful round of funding on Kickstarter in 2013, the makers of the iblazr are back with a new generation: the iblazr 2. The LED flash accessory for iOS and Android has now gone wireless and includes a number…Read more ›

Dump Flash Player now or spend the rest of your life patching it

Adobe Systems Inc. has yet another patch for you to download and install to fix yet another critical security hole in its ubiquitous Flash Player browser plugin. Hackers are already onto the exploit, so if you use Adobe Flash Player,…Read more ›

Chrome update will stop Flash from killing your battery

An upcoming improvement to Google’s web browser will empower it to “intelligently pause content” that isn’t crucial to the page, therefore saving your laptop battery a whole lot of grief. Google announced the Chrome update, which is currently available on…Read more ›

Safari plugin adds Beats Music to your browser, minus the Flash

Beats Music is due for a big redesign come WWDC. Hopefully that means a native Mac app is on the way, as well as a web player that doesn’t use Flash. While we’re waiting for Apple to trash its use…Read more ›