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Startling emoji discovery will change the way you look at ice cream forever

Apple is making some big changes to emoji with the inclusion of racially diverse characters in iOS 8.3, but the company has been hiding an emoji secret under our finger tips for years. A startling emoji discovery was made this…Read more ›

Apple’s new tool will nuke your phone number from iMessage forever

One of the longstanding complaints about iMessage is how it can stay active even when you switch to an Android phone. The result is that texts often get sucked into some sort of purgatory where they never actually reach your…Read more ›

9 ways Steve Jobs changed high tech forever

Apple’s new ‘eRase U2′ service gets Bono out of your brain forever

U2 has not had a good week. What was supposed to be the most epic album release of all-time spun into a bloody hatefest as Apple decided to add Songs of Innocence to every iTunes user’s purchased items lists. The…Read more ›

Apple launches site to help you remove U2′s free album forever

Apple’s historic launch of U2′s new album Songs of Innocence to 500 million iTunes users hasn’t exactly been well-received. After less than 1 percent of iTunes users downloaded the freebie album on the first day, Apple shoved it down users’…Read more ›

Why Apple might kill the “i” forever

From books to phones, Apple’s named everything with the same “i” moniker since 1998. With the Apple Watch and Apple Pay, however, it looks like that convention is set to change.  Cult of Mac reached out to Ken Segall – the former…Read more ›

Banish bad posture forever with the unique Roost MacBook stand

I was supposed to get a Roost to review last year after the successful Kickstarter went into production. I didn’t, but we fixed that at the beginning of this summer, and think God we did – this stand will change…Read more ›

Cydia’s creator to jailbreakers: don’t count on me doing this forever

Ever since the first iPhone was jailbroken, hacker and developer Jay Freeman, aka Saurik, has maintained the Cydia Store as a way for jailbreakers to download, buy and sell their tweaks. Run consistently since February 2008, there have been more…Read more ›

Get a fully realized MOBA on your iPad with Fates Forever

If you want to delve into the deep end with a massively online battle arena game, you can head on over to Riot Games’ League of Legends or Valve’s own Dota 2 with your computer, download a free copy of…Read more ›

Seven Areas That Virtual-Reality Will Change Forever

Whether virtual-reality really takes off in a big way remains to be seen. But with Facebook having just dropped $ 2 billion acquiring Oculus Rift, one thing for sure is that a whole lot of people (some of them with some…Read more ›    [Read More…]