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40 years of Apple, unboxing new goodies, and tons of how-tos

Apple is 40 years old today, and its journey from scrappy indie to world-conquering behemoth is the stuff of anecdote, history, and even legend. Get the scoop on this significant anniversary for our favorite company, a look at the latest iPhone SE and iPad Pro models (and learn how to set them up the right […]

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Last chance to save big on these digital goodies in our site-wide Black Friday sale [Deals]

Turkey Day has come and gone, and the Black Friday deals are about to do the same. Get in on these last minute bargains on a guitar that’s also a MIDI controller, and an HD security camera that connects in real-time through Wi-Fi. Plus, by entering the coupon code ‘BLACKFRIDAY’ at checkout you’ll save an […]

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Enter for a chance to globetrot with travel guru Tim Ferriss and a bagful of top tech goodies [Deals]

There’s traveling and then there’s traveling smart, and few are smarter about travel than Tim Ferriss. Star of The Tim Ferriss Experiment is and author of #1 New York Times bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek, he’s made a living out of helping people travel better and more effectively. The Round-the-World Giveaway gives you a chance to […]

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Fantastical 2.5 brings goodies for iOS 9 and iPhone 6s users

Flexibits updated its popular Fantastical apps for iPhone and iPad this morning to take advantage of a number of new features in iOS 9 and on the iPhone 6s. Arguably the biggest improvement to productivity comes in the form of multitasking support for the iPad. Fantastical also threw in a dash of the new iPhone’s 3D Touch as […]

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Home Sharing is caring — all the new goodies in iOS 9 beta 4

iOS 9 beta 4 is out for developers two weeks after beta 3’s release as expected. It’s time for the usual roundup of new goodies in the latest beta and beta 4 doesn’t shy away from the tradition. It’s not…Read more ›

Music, News and a selfies album — all the goodies in iOS 9 beta 3

Another day, another iOS beta. Two weeks after Apple released iOS 9 beta 2, here arrives iOS 9 beta 3 for developers. If you haven’t already yet, go download it on your iPhone and iPad. Most notably, this is the…Read more ›

Classified thermal imaging and night vision goodies land on eBay

If you search long enough, you can find anything on eBay and Craigslist. That includes lost expensive military equipment that helps soldiers find roadside bombs. The Intercept, an investigative reporting website founded by Glenn Greenwald, obtained a Navy intelligence document…Read more ›

Japanese Apple Store Sells “Lucky Bags” Containing All Kinds Of Apple Goodies [Video]

Forget Black Friday or Cyber Monday, New Year in Japan is the time of choice for retailers and shoppers alike — since this means Fukubukuro. Literally translating as “lucky bag”, fukubukuro gives stores a chance to make room for incoming…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Other World Computing Has All The Mac Holiday Goodies You Can Wish For

This holiday, why not treat yourself and your loved ones with Other World Computing (OWC)‘s massive catalog of great-quality Mac, iPhone, and iPod products and services. With a range of computer expansion products such as memory/speed-boosting drives, tablet stands, cases,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Heck With Waiting For CES, Says Logitech, Were Releasing Our New Goodies Right Now!

Logitech isnt waiting for CES next week; instead, the gadget giant is releasing two new products today one of which raised eyebrows here. The first is the Logitech Cube(thats it above), a mouse in the shape of a rectangle. Huh? Yeah, thats what we thought too. Then the questions began. Why does it look like a brick of ice? Hasnt the mouse evolved over hundreds (ok, maybe dozens) of  [Read More…]