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FBI is telling anti-encryption senators how it hacked the iPhone

The FBI’s not cluing Apple in on how it allegedly hacked the iPhone 5c at the heart of the San Bernardino investigation, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happy to spill the secret to select members of Congress. According to new reports, the feds have began briefing certain anti-encryption U.S. senators about the way in […]

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Hacked Apple Watch runs Flappy Bird as native app

Remember Flappy Bird, the insanely-addictive iPhone game which spawned a million clones, despite being pulled from the App Store by its creator? Well, it’s back — as a native app for the Apple Watch. Created by U.K. developer Hamza Sood, the Apple Watch app was…Read more ›

Our Facebook page has been hacked, and it’s impossible to get it back

Much to our horror, Cult of Mac’s Facebook page got hacked Monday and turned into a spam site. The hackers have locked us out and we’re finding it impossible to regain control. We’re trying desperately to contact Facebook, but the…Read more ›

Hacked Apple Watch proves the web wasn’t meant for one-inch screens

Apple Watch is great at many things like checking weather, tracking fitness, or sending notifications. But when it comes to surfing the web, Apple Watch is unsurprisingly the worst device for the task. An Apple Watch version of Safari wasn’t included…Read more ›

Slack has been hacked

Slack, the cool new communications app that many of the world’s top companies have flocked to, just revealed that it’s been hacked. Attackers were able to access a Slack database, the company said Friday morning. There’s no indication the hackers…Read more ›

Slack has been hacked

Slack, the cool new communications app that many of the world’s top companies have flocked to, just announced that it’s been hacked. The company announced on Friday morning that attackers were able to access a Slack database. Slack says there’s…Read more ›

Android Wear hacked to take calls from an iPhone

Google is said to be working on bringing Android Wear support to iPhone, but in the meantime, it’s up to third-party developers to marry the two. One hack has already made it possible to display iOS notifications on Wear watches, and now…Read more ›

Maybe the NSA hasn’t hacked your iPhone after all?

Late last week, we reported on the newest leak from Edward Snowden, indicating that the NSA had hacked the SIM cards of pretty much every smartphone on Earth. iPhones included. It looked bad. The hack allowed the NSA to tap…Read more ›

Your iPhone has been hacked by the NSA

That iPhone in your hands? It’s been compromised by the NSA through its SIM card, and government spies can access your phone through a backdoor installed on it without even needing a court order. Sound scary? It is, and it’s…Read more ›

Sony is hacked and fans scramble for the iPod Classic on The CultCast

This week: the Sony hack reveals all sorts of juicy Jobs movie tidbits; HBO uses Game of Thrones to break big cable’s iron grip; iPod Classic prices skyrocket as fans scramble to buy them; we’ll tell you how to get…Read more ›