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New AirPods with “Hey Siri” Capability Released

Apple has released an updated version of their AirPods wireless headphones today. The new AirPods include performance improvements for faster connect times and longer talk time. Additionally, the new AirPods support “Hey Siri” for hands-free voice initiated interaction with Siri. The new AirPods also are available with an optional wireless charging case, which allow for … Read More

How to Turn Off “Hey Siri” on a Mac

If you’re using a Mac with Hey Siri voice activation enabled but you’d like to turn the voice listening feature off, you’ll find that it’s easy to selectively turn off Hey Siri while still leaving the usual Siri invocation methods enabled in MacOS. How to Disable “Hey Siri” on Mac Go to the  Apple … Read More

How to Enable “Hey Siri” on Mac

Mac users can enable “Hey Siri” on their computer, allowing for simple voice activation of the virtual assistant. Much like Hey Siri for iPhone and iPad, or Apple Watch, when Hey Siri is enabled on the Mac you can interact with Siri entirely with voice commands and without needing to click or tap on anything … Read More

How to Get “Hey Siri” on Unsupported Macs

Have an older Mac but want Hey Siri voice commands? With a little effort, you can get ‘Hey Siri’ on unsupported Macs by using a creative workaround. While new Mac models can enable Hey Siri on the Mac as easily as checking a setting in system preferences, older Macs do not support the same Hey … Read More

How to Turn Off “Hey Siri” on iPhone and iPad

The “Hey Siri” voice activated control feature on modern iOS devices is a great feature that many people find tremendous use with, but not everyone enjoys it. Some users may wish to disable “Hey Siri” on iPhone or iPad, which will prevent the voice activated ability from listening for the appropriate commands, but turning off … Read More

Improve “Hey Siri” on iPhone by Re-Training Voice Recognition

Having Hey Siri enabled for hands-free activation of the virtual assistant is undoubtedly useful, but sometimes you may find that Siri doesn’t always respond on the iPhone. Conversely, sometimes you may experience Hey Siri activating out of the blue seemingly unsolicited. Both of these issues are usually a result of Siri not recognizing your voice … Read More

How to Use “Hey Siri” on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has the same “Hey Siri” voice based activation feature available to it that iOS does, but it works a bit different and doesn’t activate exactly the same. In fact, there are two ways to activate Hey Siri on the Apple Watch, neither of which is quite like the iPhone based summoning method. … Read More

Funnyman Bill Hader spammed in new ‘Hey Siri’ ad

Bill Hader eats a hamburger while getting Siri to read him his email in this new fun video from Apple. The message from “Prince Oseph” offers Hader a life-changing opportunity, and having his iPhone read it really shows off the “Hey Siri” functionality in iOS 9. Nerd cred: Obviously, Hader is using an iPhone 6s, […]

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5 ways ‘Hey Siri’ will change your life for the better

iOS 9’s new always-listening “Hey Siri” feature promises to be a game-changer for Apple’s AI assistant. That goes double for iPhone 6s users, since they won’t have to plug in their handsets to to use Siri’s new voice activation tech. So how exactly will “Hey Siri” improve your life? Let us count the ways… I’ve been a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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