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Chinese smartphone maker apologizes for likening Apple to Hitler

A Chinese smartphone maker has apologized for an ad comparing Apple to mass-murdering Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. The ad depicted a cartoon Hitler performing the Nazi salute, with his red armband showing the Apple logo instead of a swastika. Text on…Read more ›

iFührer: Hitler is an Apple fan in Chinese smartphone ad

Whether it’s arguing over market share vs. profit margins, or Google Now vs. Siri, the war between Android and iOS users can sometimes can a bit heated. But up until today, no matter how anti-Apple the crowd, I’ve never heard…Read more ›

Adolf Hitler Reacts To Apple Losing The iPhone 5 Prototype In A Bar [Humor]

www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPDSThRG_n8 Well, that was quick: just an hour or two after it broke that Apple lost an iPhone 5 prototype at a San Francisco tequila lounge, someones already given it the good old Downfall treatment. This one starts slow, but it really gets good in the tantrum part of things. What will they lose next, Tim Cooks sex tape?

Adolf Hitler Reacts To The News That HP Is Killing Off The TouchPad [Humor]

Proving the rule that Downfall makes any tech story better, heres Adolf Hitler reacting to the news that HP is killing the TouchPad after just a month on the market. They told me it would get faster and that I could bump my friends TouchPads to share music. How can I do that if no one has one?!?!? This is one of the best Hitler reacts videos Ive seen. Make sure to stay to the end. [via Obama Pacman]