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‘Hitman’ will send glittery message to your enemy

Glitter is the “herpes of the craft world.” Once on you, it doesn’t seem to ever go away. You might have some moral hang-ups about giving an enemy herpes, but a fast-spreading glitter bomb, while still hostile, seems less malicious…Read more ›

Square Enix targets fall for upcoming Hitman: Sniper

Less than two months after reinventing the Hitman franchise with the superb puzzler Hitman GO, developers Square Enix Montreal have announced that they’re set to take another crack at a mobile version of Hitman with the upcoming Hitman: Sniper. This game…Read more ›

Hitman GO Takes The Bloody Mess Out of Murder For Hire [Review]

The Hitman series has always alternated between vicious and silly, with a stern protagonist who will wear any kind of ridiculous costume, from ice-cream man to Mardi Gras costume, in order to murder his target. Hitman GO, a new turn-based…Read more ›

Solve Puzzles And Take Out Targets In Hitman GO [Video Review]

Sometimes in life you just want to experience the excitement portrayed in every action-packed book, movie and television show you see. While your regular day-job may not consist of being a hitman on the run, in the newly released app…Read more ›

Agent 47 On His Way To iOS For Turn-Based Hitman GO

The popular Hitman franchise will finally break away from consoles and make its way to iOS with a forthcoming game called Hitman GO. Created by the Square Enix Montréal team, Hitman GO features a turn-based gaming experience, set in the…Read more ›