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Feeling Hungry? Search Restaurants with Emoji on iPhone

Just about everyone loves knows and loves using Emoji on their iPhone, but did you know you can search Spotlight in iOS with emoji characters too? That may sound a little pointless, but it offers a fun way to search for food and restaurants, amongst other things too. Use Emoji to Find Restaurants with Spotlight … Read More

Jony Ive talks Steve Jobs, design, and how Apple can stay hungry

Charlie Rose has become Apple’s go-to guy when it comes to mainstream media interviews, and to that end Rose recently scored an exclusive conversation with none other than Apple’s design god Jony Ive. In a leisurely chat lasting more than half an hour, Rose asks about Ive’s relationship with Steve Jobs, the qualities Apple looks […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Uber offers lunch on demand to benefit No Hungry Kids

Uber has been no stranger to delivering odd things like kittens and ice cream, but on Thursday, December 11th the ride-sharing app is teaming up with local restaurants to offer lunch on-demand to users, with the benefits going to support…Read more ›

Steve Jobs Honored by Virgin America’s “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” Airbus A320

The death of Steve Jobs’ has sparked intense reactions from people all over the world. More than two and a half months later, it is still heartwarming to see big brands pay respect to the values that Jobs stood for and to his achievements. Virgin America recently imprinted the now famous “Stay Hungy, Stay Foolish” quote famously used in Steve’s 2005 Stanford University commencement address. The company feels like Jobs attitude is perfect for the  [Read More…]