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Ignore Accidental Touch Bar Input with Bar None for MacBook Pro

Do you accidentally touch the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro and trigger an action without meaning to? Then a free little third party app called Bar None may be what you’re looking for. One of the complaints about the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro is how easy it is to accidentally trigger input. For example, … Read More

Ignoring Built-in Trackpad Input When Using External Mouse with MacBook

The built-in trackpad on MacBook Pro and MacBook functions as the primary input method of the Apple laptops, but if you primarily use an external mouse or external trackpad you may occasionally find the built-in trackpad receives input you’d rather the Mac ignore. With a simple settings adjustment you can do exactly that, ignoring any … Read More

Tell Siri Which Audio Input To Listen To [iOS Tips]

Hands-free car stereo Siri says HI.

Hands-free car stereo Siri says HI.

Talking to Siri can be either an exercise in frustration, or a miracle of modern technology, depending on your mood and how successful the Apple digital assistant is at interpreting what it is you’re asking. Typically, when you activate Siri with a long press and hold on the Home button, the input is collected via the microphone built into your iPHone  [Read More…]

Easily Correct Siri Input Errors Without Getting Frustrated [iOS Tips]

Siri Correction

Have you ever had one of those Siri moments, where you ask her to search for something, and she interprets your speech incorrectly? I’m guessing all of us have, at one time or another.

One thing Siri doesn’t do very well is provide for “no I meant…” error correction, at least using speech. Next time you use Siri and the result is something you didn’t expect, don’t just press  [Read More…]

New Hard Drive Enclosure Has Almost Every Advanced Input Known to Man. Almost

Akitio’s pretty new alloy enclosure has a back full of inputs: eSATA, USB 3.0 and two FireWire 800 ports. There’s no way to jack in a Thunderbolt connection, though. The SK-3501 Super-S3 is stackable and fanless, with a perforated front panel and heat sink providing cooling duty.  The enclosure sells for $ 150, and you’ll still need your own 3.5? drive to pop inside; luckily, storage guts are fairly inexpensive these days.

JAM by Apogee Brings Studio Quality Guitar Input to iPad, iPhone and Mac

Click the image to open in full size. GarageBand is being released next week and with it, a whole new way of recording audio on the iPad. The iPad 2 includes the same built-in microphone as the pervious version, but recording audio with it hasn?t always produced the best sounding results. If you really want to capture high quality audio, then you have to use another device in conjunction with an iPad to do  [Read More…]