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Wow! Jony Ive’s Tribute To His “Best Friend” Steve Jobs Is Truly Great

If you want to hear a really great, revealing and insightful tribute to Steve Jobs, tune into the Celebrating Steve video Apple posted earlier and go to the 48.30 mark. Here Apple’s long-time head designer Jony Ive starts talking about his “best and most loyal friend.” Ive’s tribute to Steve is by turns funny, touching and insightful. Unlike a lot of the negative stuff we’ve heard about Steve over the  [Read More…]

This Chic 70s Office Chair May Have Inspired Jony Ive To Design The MacBook Pro [Gallery]

Thirty two years ago, a UK office furniture manufacturer called Hille International wanted a new design for an office chair, something that would pry loose the white-knuckled fingers of American design duo Charles and Ray Eames from their death grip on the office furniture market. The line of chairs that resulted was called the System Supporto, and not only is it a masterpiece of design… it is Apple designer Jony  [Read More…]