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How to Kill a Process by Name Instead of PID via Command Line

Command line users rely on the ‘kill’ command to terminate a process as defined by the appropriate process identifier (PID). While there’s nothing wrong with targeting processes by their PID, another approach which is often easier is to target a process by name, rather than its unique identifier. There are a few ways to kill … Read More

Amazon cracks down on bad USB-C cables that can kill your gadgets

Amazon has started cracking down on crappy USB-C cables that could damage your smart devices. The retail giant now prohibits cables that do not comply with standard specifications laid out by USB Implementers Forum Inc.  USB-C is great; like Apple’s Lightning standard, it’s completely reversible, and it can be significantly faster than its predecessors when based […]

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Steve Jobs team won’t let bad box office kill Oscar campaign

Steve Jobs may have flopped at the box office, but the team responsible for it are still confident that they can make up for the dismal lack of earnings with an Oscar. According to a new report, Aaron Sorkin, Jeff Daniels (who plays John Sculley) and director Danny Boyle recently attended an “intimate brunch and […]

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Cult of Mac Magazine: Speed up iPhone and Apple Watch + Why Apple shouldn’t kill headphone jack + more

Another week, another Cult of Mac Magazine – the best place to get your Apple fix in one place. This week, we’ve got quick tips to speed up your iPhone and Apple Watch, our take on the stupidity of killing the iPhone’s headphone jack, new how-tos for Apple Music and Apple TV, a hilarious bit […]

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Surface Pro 4 wants to kill the iPad Pro and MacBook Air in one go

Microsoft’s not taking the threat of the iPad Pro lying down. During today’s keynote event, the company introduced its brand new 12.3-inch Surface Pro 4 as, “the most productive device on the planet.” “We have competitors. You may have noticed,” said Microsoft hardware guru Panos Panay. “They’re chasing it, it’s pretty cool.” The Surface Pro […]

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Why the new Apple TV will kill your Xbox or Playstation

We’ve already heard that Cupertino plans on unveiling a new Apple TV on September 9th. Now, a new report is giving us our best look yet at what Apple has planned for its next-gen streaming box, including the fact that it will ship with a motion-sensitive controller, just like the Nintendo Wiimote… but a hell […][Read More…]

Activists want Apple to kill gun emoji

Who would’ve thought emojis could prove so controversial? Following on from the yellow skin color accusations and Russian LGBT emojis attempted banning, the nonprofit group New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (NYAGV) has launched a new hashtag entitled #DisarmTheiPhone — calling for Apple to “remove the gun emoji [from iOS] and take a stand for stricter gun accessibility […][Read More…]

Facebook security chief begs Adobe to kill Flash

Though Adobe Flash has been dying a slow death over the past few years, it’s far from dead yet. However, it seems like some people are getting pretty impatient with it and Facebook’s new chief security officer Alex Stamos is…Read more ›

Apple plans to kill its 70/30 split for in-app subscriptions

Apple and Google boasted that they paid over $ 17 billion to app developers over the last year. What they left out is that they also made a tidy $ 7.3 billion off those sales, thanks to the 30/70 split pioneered by…Read more ›

Court keeps cellphone network ‘kill switch’ a secret

It only took one sentence for the United States Court of Appeals to keep the federal government’s emergency plan to disable cellular service a secret. It was a very long sentence, but it got the job done. This ruling reinforces…Read more ›