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Beats bangs out multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Chinese knockoffs

Jimmy and Dre just made billions off Beats’ acquisition by Apple, but the music company is ready to squeeze out a few billion more from a ring of Chinese knockoffs. Legal filings from Beats claim that cheap counterfeits are screwing…Read more ›

Chinese Entrepreneur Impersonates Steve Jobs And Sells iPhone Knockoffs


Any of this look familiar?

China is largely known for cheap iPhone knockoffs and fake Apple Stores, and now a Chinese businessman is impersonating Steve Jobs himself. And he isn’t using the late Apple co-founder’s likeness to peddle plastic phone shells on the corner market.

Lei Jun owns Xiaomi, a multi-billion dollar tech company that is commonly referred to as “the Apple of the East” in China. As you can see in the photo  [Read More…]

China Is Already Selling Cheap Android Knock-Offs Of The iPhone 5

What is a Goophone? It sounds absolutely filthy, but the Goophone i5 is the first of what will undoubtedly be many flagrant Chinese rip-offs of the upcoming design of the new sixth-generation iPhone, set to be unveiled next month. Expect to see a lot more of these going forward, but credit where credit’s due: these Chinese counterfeiters certainly have their acts together if they can steal the design of a phone  [Read More…]

Marvel At The Shamelessness Of These MacBook Air Knockoffs At CES [Gallery]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Apple must be feeling very flattered. Also ripped-off. Many of the new Ultrabooks here on display at the Consumer Electronics Show are so similar to the MacBook Air, they can only be described as knockoffs. Not only do the they rip-off the basic design premise lightweight, portable laptops with long battery life they copy the  [Read More…]

Apple Granted EU Wide Ban On All Of Samsungs Galaxy S Series iPhone Knockoffs

Score a huge, huge win for Apple in its IP fight with Samsung: a Dutch court has just granted Apple a preliminary injunction preventing the Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones from being sold in Europe, effective on October 13th.   This injunction follows a similar injunction made by a German court against the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10,1. That injunction was overturned after it was discovered that the German  [Read More…]