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What Apple product launches say about Tim Cook’s leadership

A cynic would call it greenwashing, but the most surprising thing about Tim Cook’s “Loop you in” event was what it said about how he’s running Apple. When Steve Jobs was around, Apple’s product events were about the products, and little else. Yeah, Jobs would often start with corporate issues, but he usually boasted about […]

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AT&T launches 2-for-1 sale on iPhone 6s and Galaxy S6

There’s never been a better time to scoop up the new iPhone 6s if you’re on AT&T. The carrier announced this morning that it’s having a huge ‘buy one get one free’ promotion that includes top of the line Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. […]

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OnePlus launches a new case for… iPhone?!

OnePlus is today launching a new smartphone case with its signature Sandstone finish — but it isn’t compatible with any of the company’s own devices. Instead, it’s made for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, and we love it! Check out our hands-on gallery below. Thanks to that Sandstone finish, which is only available in black […]

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Exclusive: Learn to build apps for iOS 9 before it launches [Deals]

iOS 9 is still in beta, but you can get ahead of the curve and under the hood of Apple’s powerful new mobile OS before its official launch. In a Cult of Mac Deals exclusive, the iOS 9 Swift Coding…Read more ›

No, Apple isn’t ditching retail store product launches

After Steve Jobs, the original Mac, and the iPhone, launch day queues have to be one of the most recognisably Apple phenomenons of them all: something which speaks not only to the crazy number of sales Apple makes, but also…Read more ›

EU launches formal antitrust investigation into Android

After years of examining the Android operating system, the European Commission has launched a formal antitrust investigation into claims that Google unfairly forces competitors into bundling its own apps on their devices. “The investigation will focus on whether Google has entered…Read more ›

Apple launches website offering free Apple Pay decals

Apple Pay has quickly become the most used mobile wallet solution in the world, but finding businesses that accept it, still isn’t all that easy. To help companies out, Apple launched a new website today that offers free Apple Pay…Read more ›

Popular iOS and Mac app iA Writer launches on Android

iOS developers are constantly spitting on Android. But that’s not necessarily the way it should be. The developers behind iA Writer, one of the most beautiful distraction-free writing apps for iOS and Mac, have just ported their app to Android.…Read more ›

Apple launches web-only iCloud apps for everyone

You no longer need a Mac or iOS device to access Apple’s web-only version of iCloud apps. Apple announced that starting today, anyone — even PC-users — can access its suite of iCloud web-based productivity apps – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote…Read more ›

Apple Maps Connect launches in France, Germany and Canada

After hints that a broader international rollout was imminent, Apple Maps Connect has officially come to Germany, France and Canada. As you might recall, word of Apple Maps Connect expanding to France and Germany appeared last Friday, when a website…Read more ›